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10x Business Bootcamp Review (Brandon Dawson)

Brandon Dawson

Brandon Dawson is the co-founder, CEO, and managing partner at Cardone Ventures. Yup, it’s not only Grant Cardone behind the thang, we also have Brandon. Obviously, Grant’s the more known personality among the duo. Otherwise, their company would probably be Dawson Ventures, and not its actual name today. Regardless, let’s see what their 10x Business Bootcamp has to offer besides them posing with gangsta-looking 10x hand signs. There must be something else here other than that, right? Riiight?

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Forget what I said earlier about gangsta-looking. There’s nothing gangsta about flashing a hand sign that a kid would make if they want a silhouette of a bird. Or maybe a butterfly, whatever of the two. To put it lightly, it looks odd to someone like me who hasn’t drank the 10x kool-aid. Not what you’ll expect to pop off on a supposedly serious business training.

Of course, the said business training above is the 10x Business Bootcamp. Speaking of which, it’s a three-day live training event with Grant, Brandon, their invited speakers, and the 10x team. In their website, the event was also described as a “deep dive into marketing and sales” and a place where you can achieve major breakthroughs.

Too vague, I know. It’s apparently the 10x way besides filling their copy with all ‘em buzz words. Seems like they’re relying way too much on the pull of Grant and the 10x branding. I mean, that’s the only reason I could think of, besides them being lazy, on why they couldn’t be bothered putting a better, clearer copy. 

First of all, I’ll never recommend attending a business training just because you like the mentor’s vibes. For me, this is not a place to simp for a certain personality. Like c’mon, you’re joining a training, not a goddamn cult. Idolizing a mentor is fine, but making a purchase decision based entirely on how you like ‘em will never be NOT a good idea. Just my two cents.

Also, why even like Grant and Brandon in the first place? The criticism is mostly towards Grant since he’s the more popular guy, but I’m not letting Brandon off the hook. Why should I when he voluntarily partnered with a sh*tty guy that’s just full of hot air? If he’s fine with Grant’s sh*t, then he’s either an enabler or a sh*tty person himself. All for the mullahs, I guess.

Further research reveals that Brandon’s actually cut from the same Cloth as Grant. He’s called an egotistical “leadership guru” that teaches hearing aid professionals to be nothing more than a slimy used car salesman. Yup, you’ve read that right, he’s one of the reasons why our healthcare industry sucks.

For others, it’s the crazy expensive prices of their medicines and health products that makes it suck. For his previous company in Audigy, it’s prioritizing sales and bigger profits over anything else even if it means ripping off old people into buying their most expensive yet unnecessary tech.

10x Business Bootcamp Review

To add, he also doesn’t give a damn about his employees. He’s making them work long hours in exchange for horrible pay, and little to no job security. On top of that, labor laws don’t seem to mean a whole lot to ‘em. Demoting a pregnant woman while they’re on maternity leave, leaking their employees’ private info, firing a person for cost-cutting purposes, and all that kind of  nasty law breakin’ stuff.

And yes, this is the same company he’s proud of selling for hundreds of millions. Bragging as if he built it from scratch himself when he actually didn’t. It’s just his rich daddy funding the thang, something that was handed to him and his brother on a silver platter. No wonder he’s full of himself, spoiled trust fund babies gonna be like that, I guess. I hope someone plug this man-child a pacifier, so he can respectfully shut the f*ck up (‘cause he’s an annoying blabbermouth too who can’t take criticisms well).

You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. This Grant-Brandon partnership is a testament to that. Being both POS themselves, their pairing is just a match made in hell. My advice would be to stay away from them and their predatory tendencies. Which also means not touching their 10x Business Bootcamp (ticket price starts at $497, up to $6,500 for VIP packages) with a twenty-feet pole. They got nothing else to offer here besides the cult-like stuff, I fear.

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