Day Trading Academy Review

Getting into any kind of trading in the stock market takes a bit of skill. Whenever I hear somebody talk about movements in the stock market, my mind goes blank. Personally, I have no interest in the stock market. I know that it’s crucial to running the economy. Because if businesses aren’t doing great, neither do the people working for those businesses. Unfortunately, it’s a domino effect on all of regardless of the degree of proximity we have to them. But I neve really tried to actually invest or trade stocks and securities because I don’t know how. Luckily there are people who offer their expertise to people who are interested.

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Day Trading Academy is an platform that was founded by Marcello Arrambide. Marcello had almost two decades worth of experience in day trading when he founded the platform. That’s pretty standard with a lot of these companies and platforms that are about very niche topics. It would be weird to start a company that’s focused on a certain niche without having any kind of knowledge or experience about that niche. It just wouldn’t be good for all parties involved if that were the case.

There isn’t really much to Day Trading Academy platform right, from what I have seen. Marcello regularly updates his blog and YouTube channel with videos and blog posts about news that’s happening right now and how it affects the markets. I mean, if you see news about geopolitical turmoil, it’s likely to have an effect in how the market moves at a certain point. Politics heavily affects the markets in any sort of matter. When the markets are down, you will feel some of those effects along the line. Some may manifest in just a few days, while others will trickle down up to a certain point.

It seems that Day Trading Academy provides some kind of training program on how to day trade. I mean, if your service has the word “academy” in its name, you have some kind of learning experience to provide, right? They have a four-part introductory course to day trading available on their website. But the only way you can access it is by signing up for their newsletter. Or actually calling them on their hotline or e-mail address. It’s been a common thing for a few of the learning platforms to not be upfront with their pricing. I sort of get that if you want it bad enough, you will find a way to find out. But sometimes it’s great to know about this sort of stuff right off the bat.

Day Trading Academy provided a link to a PDF they call the Day Trading Guide in the webpage for their day trading course. But the weird thing about it is that the last update they made to the file is on February 2020. The month before the pandemic hit. And the world has gone through a lot after February 2020. The markets have especially gone through a lot months after the last update to the day trading guide. I guess the basics of trading doesn’t really change despite a global pandemic. But they still should’ve updated it every few months or so just to be up to date.

Aside from Marcello he has a few day traders working for his team. Almost all of the continents are represented in their team. But half of them are based in the United States, Marcello included. So it’s good that there is someone who would probably know how their local markets move. But you can never really guarantee that because they don’t really talk much about the other traders’ respective experiences, which I find unusual. Normally when you have a team, you introduce them to everyone else.

It’s really hard to recommend Day Trading Academy. They seem to know what they’re doing since you’re only buy and selling certain securities. But getting into the trading and investing does take some time to get the hang of. It’s possible you might learn something from their program. But without upfront information about the cost for their training program, it’s best to avoid it for now. Investing takes a lot of money. But you have to be sure that you’re willing to part with that money.

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