15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge Review (Dave Sharpe)

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Dave Sharpe is the current CEO of the Legendary Marketer, an online educational platform that teaches people how they can make money online using affiliate marketing. He frequently states in his promotional videos that he’s made over two-hundred million dollars in overall sales. However, we should also know that he was once the co-owner of the now-defunct Empower Network, which, for all intents and purposes, is a multi-level marketing company. So we can assume that the figures that he came up with are from the sales he made while the MLM was still active. Thankfully, he dropped the ball on that one, in favor of the seemingly-more legitimate Legendary Marketer.

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The flagship program of the Legendary Marketer is the so-called “15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.” This challenge will give you all the fundamentals regarding how you can build a profitable and stable online business. It is designed to teach you the basics, meaning that if you are a newbie who wants to start your own business, you can enroll in the program. And as you can already tell from the name, the challenge is intended to be completed in 15 days (or roughly 2 weeks). You will be given lessons that can help you understand how the business works, and what is required to put together a good foundation for a sustainable source of income.

The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge is structured in a way that you can’t immediately skip through the other lessons unless you finish the previous ones first. Basically, each module is designed to have you go through each one every single day. But just because it’s stated as “15 days”, doesn’t also mean you need to finish it in the given timeframe. You can blitz through the lessons if you have enough time so you can finish it all in just a week, or you can take plenty of your time and finish in a month or more. Inside the 15 Day Challenge are not only modules, but also useful content such as templates, scripts, and even quizzes. Each training video is between 5 minutes to an hour long.

The 1st day is titled “Starting And Scaling A High Ticket Business,” and will give you an understanding of how affiliate marketing works. You will be taught the basics such as how you can create funnels, how to drive traffic to them, and how to follow-up through the use of emails. Basically, Dave will be walking you through the sales process so you can better understand the business model. It also gives you access to a business plan advisor that you can call anytime, absolutely free. The 2nd Day is titled “High-Ticket Business Models Online,” and will teach you about the four different types of business models which you can use in order to build your very own business. Dave refers to them as the Core 4, and the business models stated are affiliate marketing, digital products, coaching and consulting, and events and masterminds.

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The 3rd day is titled “Build a Business in Under 30 Minutes,” and focuses on building sales funnels. In essence, sales funnels can be used instead of websites since websites are not really that great with converting sales. These are used to help you make more sales without exerting that much effort. The 4th day is titled “The Inner-Game of Wealth,” and you will be introduced to mindset training. The focus is on how wealth is a crucial component of the money mindset. Basically, the program will give you a glimpse of what mindset successful people have. The 5th day is titled “Developing Your Business Plan,” and is dedicated to helping you craft your very own business plan. Basically, it is a point-by-point action plan which will help you build your business more smoothly. Along with the lesson, you also get an extra class that can show you how to use the templates and scripts that are included in the program.

The 6th day is titled “Questions and Answers,” and true to its name, you will be watching a video where Dave is just answering questions, as well as addressing doubts and objections. You will also get to watch testimonies which are made by members, where they share some feedback and perspectives as to how it has helped them. The 7th day is titled “Quitting and Starting Over,” and is all about what you can reach with the new knowledge bestowed upon you. It is about exploring your potential, and what you can reach if you decide to embrace it.

The 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th days can be lumped together as they talk more or less about one thing: mastering some high-income skills. Among the skills stated here that you need to learn include lead generation, copywriting, and finally, sales and presenting. Once your business has grown to the point where you now need to scale it, you need to find other people who can help you run the entire operation. In the beginning, one person is usually enough, but once a business has grown, it now requires more manpower. This is covered on the 12th day, also known as “Outsourcing.”

The 13th day is named “Building Your Business with OPM.” OPM is an acronym meaning “Other People’s Money”. Basically, it is about having to convince people to invest in you so that you don’t need to have as much capital. This could also stand for taking out loans so that you need not spend a lot of money right away. The 14th day is about “Avoiding Wanterpreneur Syndrome,” and is an extension of the mindset training previously tackled. Basically, a “wantrepreneur” is someone who voices out their goals of building a business but not willing to commit themselves to actually doing it. The challenge will teach you how to actually motivate yourself to get your goals done and accomplish as much as you can.

The 15th and final day is entitled “Journey To Success,” and is basically just a recap of all the previous lessons tackled in the challenge, as well as some words of motivation from Dave Sharpe himself. The entire 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge only costs a measly 7$, and it also includes some bonuses like templates for email, Facebook ads, and scripts for video and phone. Expect plenty of upsells, too. I say that you’re only paying for the scripts and templates that are included with the program. If you don’t care about those scripts, then you can easily pass this program over, as most of the content contained here is already available for free on the internet. Besides, it’s just the basics.

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