Dealmaker Wealth Society Review (Carl Allen)

Carl Allen

Carl Allen’s Dealmaker Wealth Society would want everyone to believe that their dream life is never out of reach. That’s the mission plastered on their site. Of course, they’re assuming that you’re in their domain to read that and at the very least, have some interest in checking out their (paid) offers. Jokes on them, I’m letting y’all know about it outside their site anyway. And oh, I’ll also review the program, Dealmaker Wealth Society, down below.

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First of all, I’d like to clarify that I’m no affiliate of Dealmaker Wealth Society in any way, shape, or form. Rest assured that I speak my mind without bias. All facts, no meatriding and/or BS. It’s all the same on, like, all of the programs I’ve reviewed here. I just think it’d be a nice touch to mention it here because the program has promotional guidelines that’ll prove I ain’t capping.

What is it? It’s something along the lines of not using any terms like “scam” or “fraud” in any affiliate articles and social media posts. And look at the title, ladies and gents, there’s that forbidden word right there. If I were an affiliate, I wouldn’t use that, yet here I am putting it upfront. Take that!

You know what, enough talking about me NOT being an affiliate. Let’s proceed to the nitty-gritty that’ll help me answer whether Dealmaker Wealth Society is just a scam of Carl or not. Let’s start with the not-so-obvious business model of the program because of the rather vague name. Turns out, the premise is about buying existing profitable businesses.

Carl firmly believes that buying businesses is the way to go. And certainly not the other way around as he mentions building one from scratch is “certifiably crazy” in one of his interviews. Okay, we get it. You’re lowkey obsessed with buying and probably from doing mergers and acquisitions for many years.

You know what I also get from this man? His hard-on for making money off coaching. Just like Tony Robbins that has a picture oddly displayed on old man Carl’s wall. And yeah, I meant it quite literally because he’s putting an awful lot of similar offers under Dealmaker Wealth Society. And don’t forget the couple of “certifiably crazy” expensive upsells too that weren’t listed on the site. Almost as if he’s trying to siphon every coin out his students for leading ‘em on from one offer and/or upsell to another. 

If it’s not him and his program bleeding your wallets dry, it’s him trying to get at least a few bucks from y’all. When I say a few bucks, I meant Dealmaker Wealth Society having a 10-Day challenge that costs $37. There used to be cheaper upsells associated with this like Challenge’s VIP version and Mindset Mastery, but their sales page is just a default ClickFunnels template now. Huh.

Despite the two upsells above disappearing out of thin air (it seems like), the number of upsells plus offers he actually listed on the site is still too many. And unlike the challenge, all of it except the 10-Day Launchpad is ridiculously priced. Speaking of which, the Launchpad thing seems to be just the pricier version of the 10-day Challenge with the price of $197.

Dealmaker Wealth Society Review

The next thing? It’s Dealmaker Wealth Society’s CEO offer that costs a whopping $4,997. Quite a drastic increase from Launchpad’s price, yeah? Worse, it’s a program without any one-on-one coaching yet. For that (with a mentor that is NOT Carl on the other side of the phone, I should say), you need Dealmaker Wealth Society’s Academy offer at $10k a year or the Partner program at $15k.

All of that for apparently learning how to buy an existing business. What business are we trying to buy here, freakin’ Microsoft? But seriously, it’s still too many grands you need to cough up for too many programs. Still a bit excessive regardless of the usual six-figure asking price of existing biz.

I won’t say Dealmaker Wealth Society is a scam, but I surely won’t recommend it for its ridiculous pricing and shameless amount of offers/upsells. Most importantly, I won’t suggest this to newbies who might be enticed to just hop in and worry about funding later. Why, other people will give, er, loan ‘em funds anyway. It’s other people’s money, but you still have to pay for it soon one way or another. Even if your biz didn’t go as planned, mind you. That’s a lotta risk right there, so, no, thank you.

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