Defi Dan Review (Crypto CashFlow)

As a non-crypto trader myself, I wish to inform you people of what DeFi means. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers us the same financial instruments and opportunities of traditional finance, like buying goods or money laundering for a yield, but without the intervention of banks nor brokers. Instead, the payments involved can be managed through blockchains and smart contracts. DeFi Dan revolved his business around the crypto market. Learn more about him in my review below.

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Dan Ryder was in the U.S Airforce before he began being an entrepreneur. Like many of us right now, he has taken an interest in the “make money” online scheme, that’s when he decided to start and build his own company. In 2013, he built Ryder Media, a company that helped brick and mortar businesses grow their presence and brands online. It’s not that long that he gained recognition and has been awarded the 2 Comma Club Reward by ClickFunnels, not once but three times. 

By the time that crypto market and cryptocurrency tales have been spreading all around the internet, Dan also decided to enter the world of it. With his fair share of errors, he found out the most optimal strategy to use the crypto market in his “make money” online scheme. He even told it live in a conference that if ever he will go back in time and start anew in the world of online marketing, he would pick to start with the crypto earning method and not as a marketer.

Being awarded by the ClickFunnels means that you’ve gained millions of dollars in sales from your business. Not only once, but three times at that. It’s not that bad for you to trade it with the volatility of the crypto market space. So, what made him come up with that statement? The thing that he has developed, named Crypto CashFlow, is a course where he and his team teach winning strategies to people to create a steady cash flow with crypto.

The course has a formula in it that teaches students how to lend tokens on real crypto exchanges in order to earn fees that end up earning steady passive income. It comes with the idea of you not participating in any day trading, mining rigs or existing tech skills. They earn profits when other people are trading, and that sounds magical to me but it’s true. It’s all made possible with the use of smart contacts, another alien term that is.

So smart contracts are basically programs stored on a blockchain that executes when predetermined conditions are met. They are usually used to automate specific transactions or agreements that secure the outcome, without a mid-man and waste of time. Basically, as long as the predetermined conditions are met, it will automatically run and earn you your profits. You can still earn while you’re sleeping compared to those that do day trading who are always in front of their computer monitors.

Dan called his formula the 3 ‘S’ Method, meaning Screen, Supply and Stack. Screen is where you look for platforms that offer pool rewards, then supply it with the tokens needed and lastly stack more tokens so that you can increase your position in the pool. These processes can also be called as Staking in crypto terms. It is a way to earn returns without selling your crypto assets.

If you compare it with brick and mortar businesses who earn profits from house rentals, car rentals, or even equipment rentals, you still have to do maintenance on these assets after they’ve been rented, you don’t have to do it with cryptocurrencies. There’s no maintenance fee in crypto since you’re not holding any physical asset with it. You can, 100% sure, pocket all of the profits you could possibly earn in the crypto market space. Given that you’ve followed the step-by-step procedure Dan will teach you.

The best way to learn more about the course is to schedule a webinar on their website. You can also get access to the 20-minute CashFlow presentation where the idea is to pull people to their course. The catch with the 20-minute video is that users of the course can get $500 instantly by just following the steps outlined. Additional appointments are not required, but if you decide to move on with the course, consumers have to prepare an amount of at least $3,000 as starting capital. As far as the volatility of the market counts, I just can’t trust anything that has to do with crypto for now.

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