Ecom Degree University Review

Ecom Degree University

Ecom Degree University is Wiliam Rivera’s online trade school for showing the ins and outs of creating a profitable eCommerce store. The end goal of this is for you to have your very own store on Shopify so you also “own” your customers, but you can always start with Amazon. “Let’s get this money,” William says as a closing remark on an ad. Would you really get some out of this or is it just your tuition money all going to William’s pocket? Find out in my review below.

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It’s always the baby steps that matter and that’s why Ecom Degree University also offers a cheaper Amazon crash course at $49 despite constantly raving about Shopify supremacy. William said it himself that you better upgrade to their core offer titled Ecom Degree – The Complete Curriculum once you get a few thousand bucks from the store you build from following the crash course to the tee.

Yeah, why would I want to switch things up if the crash course is William’s blueprint to earning over $350k in just 25 days? That’s the tall claim that headlines the sales page of the crash course, anyway. The security talks (aka better have a store you really own in Shopify) don’t make sense to me especially when Amazon FBA is likely not going to phase out anytime soon. Make that Walmart dropshipping and I’ll let the said reason pass as they’re notorious for closing their services (RIP Jetblack) without notice. But no, we’re talking about the ‘ol reliable ‘zon here.

I’m not born yesterday, and so are you reading this review. We all know what’s up. The only logical reason why William would want you to switch to Shopify and consequently, upgrade to their core offer is for the kaching. Not the money you’ll apparently get from these eCommerce endeavors, but the tuition money from the students that’ll go straight to William’s pockets. Can’t blame him, he’s a seller first before a mentor. The traditional education system has been a money sucking biz, anyway. This is just a heads-up to the readers at Suugly for William’s subtle upsell funnel.

Anyhow, let’s talk about what their core offer has in store for its students. Aside from having a more detailed and in-depth version of the Amazon crash course, the offer would also give a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a store on Shopify. 

Specifically, you’ll get video training on how to set up a high-converting Shopify store, how to fulfill orders, and how to find winning products in any niche. Moreover, you’ll also get tutorials on how to get some good reps and clout via marketing and correctly running ads on multiple social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram). Finally, there’s also lessons on how to scale and automate your online retail biz via hiring virtual assistants.

Ecom Degree University Review

Besides the training in video format, you’ll also get access to an exclusive mastermind chat and Facebook group. You’ll get some live Q and A sessions on the said group too, but there’s no mention of one-on-one coaching. The price of Ecom Degree University’s Ecom Degree – The Complete Curriculum? Well, the said offer by Ecom Degree University costs $997 for one time payment or $249.25 for four monthly payments.

My thoughts here? Sad to say, but Ecom Degree University would still get a thumbs down from me. It’s not that pricey, but still waaaay over the budget of what I’ll be willing to pay for any eCommerce program ever. There’s no one-on-one coaching here too, so might as well learn all the bits and bobs on YouTube for free.

Don’t fall for William saying that eCommerce, specifically Shopify and Amazon, would never get saturated. It IS already saturated, and that’s just how the cookie crumbles. Lucky him that he was able to get his hands on the said eCommerce sites early, but to say that you can replicate his success via following what he did before is just bullsh*tting at best.

Besides, I haven’t seen any social proof of anybody’s success outside Ecom Degree University’s site and William’s Youtube channel. I mean, I’m the type of b*tch that keeps it lowkey on the ‘gram, but I’ll still flex, flaunt, and broadcast my Ws if i were THAT successful in the eCom world. But nope, I see none of that and instead, the posts are all about complaints on their refund policy… Yet another reason for not buying this. Why say 30-day “100% money-back promise” when you won’t bulge on  giving any money back to someone returning your sh*t in 2 days?

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