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Vince Del Monte 7 Figure Mastermind Review

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Vince Del Monte is known as the number one online fitness business coach and has earned the nickname “The O.G. of Online Fitness Marketing”. As a digital entrepreneur, Vince has built four different 7-figure generating and four different 6-figure generating online fitness programs. As an online fitness coach before, he has then gradually transitioned to being an online business guru that aims to help his fellow fitness coaches start, grow or scale their online businesses. He’s been doing this through his program, the 7 Figure Mastermind, and has claimed that he now has around 700+ students from 14 different countries.

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Before, he wrote an eBook titled “No Nonsense Muscle Building” under another name, “The Skinny Guy Savior.” It’s claimed that this book is one of the best-selling books on ClickBank (where it was posted). Since then, he hasn’t made less than $750,000 a year from the company he started. Vince also says that there are three main reasons why most businesses fail to even earn as much as six figures, and it starts with your mindset as an entrepreneur. If you fail, it’s because you’re either making it too complicated, hiding your pain, or simply not paying attention.

Anyway, while he’s also having great success at marketing a low-ticket offer, eventually, Vince realized that having a high-ticket offer is where he should go for. To be exact, to achieve a sustainable and profitable income stream, a high-ticket coaching program that generates recurring income is the way. And that’s also what he wants for you (or so he claims). Imagine getting up to a hundred thousand dollars, virtually guaranteed, on the first of every month. Vince says it’s possible. And he’ll teach you how. Because he has mastered the systems, copywriting, content creation, lead gen, salesmanship, and delivery aspects that are required to achieve it.

That’s because he has spent his due diligence on this matter. Vince has personally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into masterminds and coaches. Vince even says, “And now I know what works best. Not three years ago, not three months ago, but right now, today. And it’s these exact same skills that we teach our students inside the 7 Figure Mastermind. [That’s why it’s] the gold standard for online fitness pros; that make their business immutable, indestructible. Through the power of this mastermind we have helped people create long-term, stable, profitable businesses.”

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Vince has also boasted of the success the past students that he coached have achieved. Some are them are earning $20,000 a month, but have now scaled their business to earning $100,000 per month. A few of them even began to transition from brick-and-mortar to internet as part of their scaling. And Vince Del Monte’s coaching program is catered to just about anyone looking to scale their business. Because his program isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. It’s about formulating a custom plan for you and your business, helping you build a strong foundation, and equipping you with the digital marketing strategies you’ll need to hit your goal while still living a life you love.

Vince also explains that there are no “secret systems” or “magic tricks” here, and just leave those to the gurus. “The 7 Figure Mastermind does things very differently. We have three components. The first is community with a capital C. Everyone inside is dedicated to reaching their goals, and when someone new like you joins, they’re dedicated to helping you do the same. Another element is true expertise. Getting good at the timeless skills and systems. Finally, true individualization. This is why our success rate is so high.”

If you’re interested, you have to schedule a meeting via a call with Vince Del Monte himself. There’s no mention on how much the 7 Figure Mastermind cost, that’s why booking a call is necessary to find out about the price. Expect it to be very expensive, though. Furthermore, the 7 Figure Mastermind is not really intended for just about anybody. A requirement is that you need to be already five or six figures on your business first to be elibigle for this. If you’re not, the 6 Figure Coaching (also from Vince Del Monte) should be the one for you. He also seems to be frequently associated with Alex Hormozi (having the same niche and all) so I think he’s a great guy. His offer isn’t for everyone, though.

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