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Ravi, Sajid

Ravi Singh and Sajid Desai share that they’re six-figure Amazon sellers in Freedom By FBA’s introductory video. As a quick disclaimer, they also note that what they’ll share is NOT a get rich quick scheme. No promises of turning a millionaire overnight in the video, not even on the other side of their course. So, what’s the fuss with this? Is there something about this course that we should be concerned about? We’ll sure find out in my review below.

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“Amazon is as real as it gets and it’s a real business model,” Sajid says, “but you have to be able to put in work in.” Ironically, they both claimed that you can start the said Amazon biz while still working your 9-5 job. “This is exactly what me and Sajid did,” Ravi mentions to show how their experience with Amazon FBA started as something done on the side. Yeah… no. Amazon FBA nowadays is not a side gig that you only fully attend during the weekends. That’s not a recipe for success for the biz’s current state, more like a recipe for disaster even.

It doesn’t matter, both of them double down on their hot take and claim that Amazon is not a race, but a marathon. Sure, I’m not against the slow but steady pace. It’s just the side hustle claim that I don’t like. They’re setting someone up for failure, and that someone is those with a free time you can count with the fingers of your hand. Ravi and Sajid are giving these people the wrong idea that they can easily juggle a FBA endeavor and a rather time-consuming 9-5 job at the same time. You likely can’t. Bullsh*tting just to sell their course, maybe?

Anyway, after a minute or two of explaining how easy it is to sell at Amazon, Sajid will take the reins of presenting alone and will proceed to reveal the five steps on how to get started on Amazon. Step one, you have to get your hands on a product discovery tool. Here, you’ll be able to pick a product that your heart wants from the long list of proven bestsellers. Step two, you create your own personal brand. For just half a hundred bucks, you can have your very own logo, packaging design, and barcodes. That’s what Sajid says, anyway. 

Step three, you choose your suppliers aka the factory that’s making the product you want to sell. Sajid suggests choosing the lowest cost option for best profit margin. Step four, you ship out your products. Unsurprisingly, he also points towards choosing the cheapest couriers to send your products out to Amazon’s warehouse. Step five, you finally launch your product.

After he’s done with the steps, Sajid adds more info to sell their course. He retracted from what he said earlier about choosing suppliers. Instead of looking at the lowest cost as the sole basis, you’ll also look for options with acceptable quality. And with their course, you’ll also learn to choose a product within the “impulse zone” aka those $10-$40 items that are bought without much thought. Too much fluff without mentioning the course’s price in the end. Not even a single hint on the course’s site. My estimate of Freedom By FBA’s price? To me, Freedom By FBA would probably cost around $2,000.

Freedom By FBA Review

So, going back to the question above, is there something about this course that we should be concerned about? My answer would be yes, most definitely. Aside from misrepresenting Amazon as a side hustle, it’s also concerning how they would contradict themselves by painting Amazon FBA as a risk-free biz that anyone can easily pursue, but not without their pricey af course. 

They go on and say “if you’re able to sign up to buy products, you are just as capable of signing up as a seller.” But then discourage you to navigate by yourself in a “minefield” that is learning everything from YouTube and instead, go along with a proven shortcut in their course. In short, they’re saying that Amazon is easy-peasy to entice you to try out the biz, but only to a certain extent so that you’ll still need their course. Tryin’ to be sleazy, I see. And oh, Amazon FBA is surely NOT a risk-free business.

Besides, I’m concerned with the lack of social proof of this course. They’ve been here since 2020 and the course’s private group is close to five hundred members, but I haven’t seen at least one solid review yet. I’m not counting the testimonials posted on Vimeo as one of them is obviously reading off a script. That being said, I’m not recommending Freedom By FBA just like how I don’t recommend Amazon FBA as a business model, in general.

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