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Become Viral Review (Devon Canup)

Devon Canup

Devon Canup, CEO of Become Viral, shares a brief backstory of his. Nothing unusual, just your same ‘ol gurufied narrative on how a college dropout becomes an online entrepreneur of some sort. In Devon’s case, it’s becoming a YouTuber. He started with churning out real estate content, and that didn’t work out so well. Rightfully so since he doesn’t know much about the industry. He admits it himself. Like bruh, what do you expect to happen?

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It’s not a complete flop as he’s able to grow it to getting $1k a month after a year. That’s what he says BTW and quite frankly, I don’t believe him at all. Can’t wait to tell you why I feel that way, but that’s for later. For now, let’s go over his BS, er, story.

Instead of flop, the more apt term to describe the channel is hassle. Yup, it’s a hassle to maintain since he had to stay up until 4 am every day for months just to have something uploaded. It’s not healthy for him, so he starts to think on what’s missing.

And apparently, he got his answer. According to him, what he’s missing is a niche that’s easy to copy and replicate, so easy that you don’t need to show your face even, yet with a target demographic of ten, hundred millions of people. He switched to doing that, and boom! His views started going up like crazy. 

Thousand views today turned into three thousands the next day. Then, it becomes 100k during the thirteenth day, and just three days after, it’s already a million. Yup, it’s just day 16 of doing this copy-and-paste niche, and he already got over a million views in a single day. “I thought this whole thing was a gimmick,” he admits. Just like your story, eh?

All these claims of having not only one, but three $10k a month channels, yet he can’t grow his business channel to some decent numbers. At the time of writing this review, it’s only under 1k subs. That’s not even enough to have that channel get any adsense money at all, and he’s talking about getting $10k a month?

Sure, his content on selling YouTube automation courses might not fall under the so-called copy-and-paste niche of his. But still, it’s pathetic how a guy who claims to have “figured the system out” has NOT figured how to get the bare minimum number of subs to get monetized.

Like, are we supposed to forget his real estate YouTube channel stint too? Where does the knowledge of getting at least $1k a month from a YouTube channel go? Like, he mentioned how you did that in a year. What’s holding him back from doing it on a channel that’s almost two and a half years old already?

Bet the story is just a figment of his imagination. Him dropping names of big channels they’ve worked with won’t change my mind. See how he phrased it, it’s “channels that we have worked with.” Technically, intern-level work like onetime transcription counts for that, and that’s what they probably did. Yeaaaah….

Anyhow, I’ll list down some deets about his YouTube automation course in Become Viral. Besides the eight-week video training, you’ll also get four one-on-one coaching calls, weekly live group coaching calls, twenty one DFY templates, and access to an online private community upon signing up.

Become Viral Review

Then, there’s more in bonus contents. They are as follows: Fifty Profitable Niche List, Devon’s Team Training (lowkey suggesting paying piss poor wages to overseas workers BTW), Tripling Through Translation training, Fund For Free training, Celebrity Automation training, YouTube’s Channel Flipping Secrets training, and two Viral Automated Courses (for TikTok and Facebook).

Don’t get fooled by the number of bonus contents. Most of them should be on the main course IMHO. In fact, I think you should be getting even more with how pricey this Become Viral’s course is. Specifically, Become Viral’s YouTube Business Blueprint cost a whopping $5k.

To drop the hammer, I’m not recommending Become Viral or any of Devon’s offers. C’mon now, why would I suggest someone like Devon who’s bullsh*tting knows no bounds? Besides, I don’t think I’ll ever recommend YouTube automation courses to anyone. So far, I haven’t seen legit ones yet, and I don’t think I’ll see any, not even one, in the future.

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