DFY Real Estate USA Review (Stephen Earl, Kevin Clayson)

Stephen Earl, Kevin Clayson

DFY Real Estate USA is marketed to be a turn-key real estate program that will do the 95% of the process for you in a real estate investment. According to its founders Stephen Earl and Kevin Clayson, the program’s mission is to help people “create real income one investment property at a time.” Read this review to learn more about the program.

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DFY Real Estate USA is an online program that provides done for you (DFY) services on real estate investment. From the program’s site, it is written that the program is for busy individuals who wants to add real estate income to their investment portfolio. It is not a coaching or an educational course. Instead, the program will allow you to do real estate transaction while a team of licensed professionals from the program will “do the vast majority of heavy lifting for you.” The program was founded by Stephen Earl and Kevin Clayson, real estate experts who also host a real estate podcast called Replace Your Income.

The program requires a four-step process on its “Road to Real Estate Income.” The first step is the preparation stage wherein you will be provided with an income estimate based on your current resources and goals, identify which real estate investment you qualify and show the loan pre-approval process, and be assigned to your own account executive. The said executive will arrange and coordinate all the resources, tools, and people you need in your real estate property.

Next is the purchase stage. This includes picking the market you want to invest in among the choice of approved real estate markets that are aligned with the DFY principles of the program. It also includes picking an actual property based on your market of choice and putting the said property under a contract. Finally, the account executive will make sure that you close the deal and connect you to a reputable property manager if needed.

The third step in the process is the profit stage. In this step, the account executive will introduce you to DFY Portfolio Optimization team and Property Management team so you can transition smoothly from being a buyer to a real estate owner, and you can  select the right tenants for your property respectively. The latter team will also continue to manage your property and tenants so you can gain an actual passive and hands-off income. The income is computed as the difference by how much your tenants pay minus property management expenses, interest, taxes, and insurance fees.

Finally, the last step is called the Optimize stage. This includes receiving a customized Annual Property and Market Review, and strategic meetings with your Account Executive so you can decide smartly whether it is optimal to sell and buy more, or continue to hold your property.

DFY Real Estate USA Review

The cost of the program includes the DFY TEAMS onetime fee per property of $4,995, down payment of 20%-25% for the property investment that usually starts at $65,000-$80,000, the closing costs in appraisal, mortgage, and title fees, and the rehabilitation expenses if you opt to rehab and fix the property to add value. To add, TEAMS stands for the following that warrants the DFY fee: Transaction Coordination and Oversight, Expert Level Experience and Education, Access to Consistent Inventory of Homes, Market Data Driven Investment Properties, and Support – Ongoing and In Perpetuity.

To be fair, the cost is expected for a real estate investment AND a true DFY service. It is also commendable how transparent the program on its pricing and breakdown of their DFY service (152 hours done for you while 12 hours done by you). The program is also reviewed very positively on Google reviews and has been rated A+ by Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, the cost is still quite steep, so it is not the best model to start business with if you are a beginner and/or does not have at least $65,000 capital. If you are also afraid of liquidity risk, then skip this program and find another with a more suitable business model for you.

In conclusion, DFY Real Estate USA is one of the few DFY programs that offers an actual and very comprehensive DFY service. If you want to invest in a property or two but does not want to learn the intricacies of real estate process, then the program is suited for you. If you want to invest in multiple properties as a business, then I recommend that you learn the real estate process yourself so you are not dependent on a company that will charge a fee per property. Since the program is about real estate investment, it is also not recommended for beginners and/or those without a lot of capital.

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