Maria DiGeronimo Net Worth

Maria DiGeronimo is probably synonymous with the words “yummy mummy.” As one of the stars of the Australian reality TV series “Yummy Mummies.” In the series, four women hang out and live their lives. I’m having a hard time explaining exactly what the premise of the series is. It’s a reality show. Cameras follow the four women along as they go through the ups and downs of carrying a child. But the thing is, they’re also very rich. Like… They are the perfect people to star in a reality series. What exactly do rich people do with their time? Well, I guess they just hang out. But all of them have tons of money?

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Maria is sort of the newbie to the Yummy Mummy scene. The first episode of the series starts with Maria at her home, taking care of the layout of the nursery for their first child. At this point, Maria is in her third trimester. As the scene goes on, Maria goes through all of the designer clothes that her baby will wear once she’s born. Brand after brand, Maria has at least one piece of clothing from all of them. And the baby’s clothes match hers. Like, I can’t even begin to explain how weird it is for everybody to have matching outfits like that.

It seems like Maria was born into a wealthy family. Her mom and dad run a concreting business. A concreting business? Yes, a concreting business. And most infrastructure require concrete. Maria has a sister named Bianca, who appears in the first episode of Yummy Mummy. Margherita, like the pizza, has just arrived back from a cruise and she brought presents for Maria and her baby. It’s kind of interesting to see an Italian-Australian family. I’ve never actually seen one before. Because Maria comes from a wealthy family, it doesn’t seem like she has experienced working for another person. She married Carlos Vannini. He describes himself as a part-time barber and business owner. I don’t know how exactly his job finances Maria’s whims. If it were a line of barber shops/salons, it would make sense. Though in the second episode, it seems like Maria’s parents handle all of the expenses the couple could possibly have.

There is no concrete—see what I did there?—information regarding Maria’s net worth. But, looking at her lifestyle, she may have accumulated a net worth of around $750,000. That’s not really a bad number considering how lavish Maria’s clothes are. Let’s get back to Yummy Mummies. In the series, Maria took notice of the already establish Yum Mums group while she was organizing the baby shower for her daughter, Valentina. (They really love Italian names in the family.) Because of that, Maria invited the three of them to the baby shower. And that’s where the tension starts to build up. Why would you go to somebody’s baby shower if you’ve never even met them?

The series is such an interesting take on the entire reality series genre. There have reality series about pregnant women and ones about rich people being rich. But somehow they’ve managed to put those two together and turn it into this. It’s very interesting to see an established group bring in a new character into their world. The first time that the Melbourne yum mums meet Maria, they have a LOT of thoughts about her. And I guess that’s why Maria decided not to return for another season of the show. It seemed like they weren’t really fond of the portrayal that the series made of them. Maria’s still active on Instagram, she has amassed almost 600 thousand followers since her appearance on the show.

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