Affiliate Lab Review (Matt Diggity)

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity just got called as the “number one SEO in the world” by Kris Rivenburgh. A high praise from the author of The ADA Book, must be a shame if Matt somehow misspelled the bearded gentleman’s name… And of course, the madman f*cking did it! He really wrote Riverburgh instead of Rivenburgh, so unserious. Anyways, let’s check if he can redeem himself with Affiliate Lab. Is it good despite the intro video? See below.

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Like, yeah, despite his lack of attention to details, I can’t discount the glowing reviews he got from that very video like how his course is one of the best in digital marketing. One even said, “I got the course, and from the moment I pushed play, I was blown away.“

Can’t say I’m blown away with his website, though. Not that it’s straight-up ugly, I simply expect something better, something that doesn’t look outdated, from someone who apparently has the blueprint for “ranking, monetizing, and flipping high-competition affiliate websites.”

So, anyways, what exactly is Affiliate Lab? According to Matt, it’s the only course you’ll need to rank, monetize [through affiliate marketing], and flip websites. Everything he knows, he puts it in this course. “It has everything you need to make yourself a site that earns you freedom and income every month,” he explains.

Throughout the course, you’ll primarily learn about niche selection, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and the kitchen sink. Niche selection here is about finding an affiliatenetwork and finding the right product to promote.

Meanwhile, the lessons on onsite SEO includes tips on keyword research using their recursive method, designing your website architecture, outsourcing your content, and onsite optimization.

On the other hand, offsite SEO is on stuff like how to set up a believable persona, how to create a fully-integrated social fortress, and how to determine and execute your linking plan with social signals, private blog networks (PBN), and outreach links.

Then, CRO includes topics on how to optimize content, how to deal with design, and how to control your CTAs to get the most out of each visitor [getting them to buy your affiliate products, of course].

Lastly, the kitchen sink here is not an actual kitchen sink [duh!], but a list of techniques Matt developed through massive testing to help sites get “unstuck”. You don’t want to be stuck, so I guess, you gonna throw the kitchen sink to fix it. No, not call your stepbro IYKWIM!

Besides over twenty four hours worth of video training, you’ll learn and do allat with the following Affiliate Lab inclusions: Six plug-and-play templates and tools; checklists and SOPs; and access to an exclusive Facebook group.

What’s the cost of Affiliate Lab, then? Well, the price of Affiliate Lab is a one time payment of $997 or two payments of $597 [$1,194 in total]. Although buying it using affiliate links would give you $200 discount.

What I like about Affiliate Lab: The suggestion of making a squeaky clean website with only quality content is commendable. While the focus is still on appeasing ‘em bots on Google, him stating to steer away from doing fake comments and fake Fiverr videos are something I can get behind.

What I hate about Affiliate Lab: There’s no refund policy, not even a short 14-day one. Some of his suggestions are highkey off too like faking a persona and incorporating PBNs. Matt said it himself, the latter is a grey hat SEO tactic…

Affiliate Lab Review

Holup, it’s even already considered as black hat by many. ‘Cause y’know, it violates Google’s webmaster guidelines. No fake comments nor fake Fiverr videos for Matt… Just fake info, I guess. Welp.

Regardless, just don’t use PBNs unless you want to get your site penalties and/or deindexation. I ain’t taking the risk of wasting all my hardwork for nothing. Not with this costly and time-consuming tactic, nu-uh!

Personally, I only want to build a biz that I could be proud of. Which is why I won’t recommend Affiliate Lab. So, yeah, Matt wasn’t really able to redeem himself from that egregious error earlier. He turned out to be even worse with all the shady suggestions. I’ll advise y’all to skip this one. Without a doubt, no diggity.

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