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Digital Agent System Review (An Pei’s Course)

An Pei's Course

Digital Agent System is marketed to be teaching ordinary people start an extraordinary remote career in digital marketing. Apparently, you can have the privilege of a WFH job while earning six figures a year. Seems like a good deal, TOO good in fact. However, the program’s site forcing its visitors to allow notifications disguised as human verification ain’t it. Regardless, let us check beyond the annoying site if this course is worth it.

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An Pei reminds me of Alex Smale. Both created a Reddit account just to reply on the criticisms of their course. Other than the said replies, no other activities on their account’s history. Unlike Alex who’s just being a sensitive man baby, An Pei is just out there correcting lies hurled around the forum about himself. Somewhat funny is that he debunked a claim saying he’s Chinese living outside US when in fact, he is a Vietnamese that has been a US resident for at least fifteen years. American Redditors and thinking that anyone from Asia is automatically Chinese, name a better duo.

Moving on to An Pei’s course, it starts with a free webinar offer. As expected, the 2-hour long webinar is nothing but a pitch to his paid course. He did discuss what to expect on his course like how to land a lucrative online job in digital marketing, something around five figures in monthly salary, with only his course. Like what is a college degree, am I right? With An Pei’s course at $997, even a college dropout can allegedly land a digital marketing job with salary starting at $5k a month.

Let’s check the contents of this course first to see where we’re going here. Digital Agent System is basically a 10-week online training course with modules divided per week. Week 1 module titled Introduction and Mindset is basically what the name implies, a refresher on basics of digital marketing with some motivational talks here and there. Week 2 module titled High-Income Skills discussed how to do Facebook Ads that will secure you a job of at least $5,000 a month. Week 3’s Career Accelerator covers topics on how to find and secure high-paying digital marketing jobs. Next is week 4’s Marketing ads which discusses how to use Google SEO in addition to Facebook ads learned during week 2. Week 5 module titled Network Mastery encourages you to have multiple jobs and shows how to do such using LinkedIn. Week 6 module titled Career Acceleration promises to fast track your salary raise, as in immediate $5k raise within a month. The modules for the rest of the week discuss outsourcing your jobs. Basically, you only need to get hired but the work will be done by your hired assistants overseas.

As the saying goes, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” There’s just no way a 10-week course will replace a university degree or many years of experience in digital marketing (most entry-level marketing jobs can be self-taught, to be fair). Besides, I don’t think the main premise of getting hired but not doing the work yourself is ethical. The company hired YOU, not your assistants. I also don’t get it, isn’t a single job that you can accomplish on your own enough if it pays handsomely?

Digital Agent System Review

To add, you can easily hire someone from Fiverr to do these crazy testimonials for you. In An Pei’s case, it’s likely just a hired actor doing the testimonials for him and not an actual successful student of his course. Besides from having ridiculous claims, there’s also a testimonial from a verified freelancer offering paid acting service. I mean, his profile doesn’t mention anything related to Digital Agent System or at least a digital marketing career unless you call freelancing as one.

Worst, the said course seems to have done multiple rebranding aka change in course name and company. In fact, Digital Agent System is the oldest iteration of An Pei’s Course. The more recent ones but basically a course with the same content as Digital Agent System are Career Digitized and Online Career Accelerator. Usually, you do rebranding when your previous course has a negative reputation so people can forget (banking on people having amnesia, maybe). This is likely the case for Digital Agent System since An Pei also did a rebranding with his name. An Pei is actually no more, he’s now An Bui.

With all the red flags mentioned, I’ll be straightforward here and say that I don’t recommend Digital Agent System or its current iteration at all. It’s like a marketing course on setting up ads on Facebook and Google but lures people with its too good to be true claims. Buying a course without enough social proof is not the smartest purchase you can do so just save up your grand for something else.

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