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Digital marketing is the most popular way of promoting a business or brand that uses the internet and social media networks as the bridge to connect with customers. The Digital Marketing Institute apparently can hand out and teach you all the necessary tools and strategies needed to upscale your businesses. Even newly established business owners can have their courses and each completion will guarantee you a certificate. Another achievement for the portfolio indeed. Let’s learn more about them in my review below.

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DMI is a company that was founded in 2009 by Ian Dodson and Anthony Quigley. They’ve been recognized as the leading global standard in Digital Marketing Certification where they have certified more than 30,000 people and have 160,000 members worldwide. They have launched a membership platform into the marketplace and partnered with the American Marketing Association where they offer dual certification on core course content. The current CEO is Ken Fitzpatrick who also has 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

Their certification courses are the only globally recognized courses with a proven track record in transforming the skills of digital professionals to help build successful careers. They also promote continuous learning to shape the workforce for the future generations to come. Some of their leading brand partners are Google, Coca-cola, Twitter and IBM. Big companies with great opportunities ahead of you if you’ve been given a chance to work with any of them.  

They offer both short and comprehensive courses covering all aspects in digital marketing, from social media to mobile, ecommerce to search marketing, from strategy to analytics. Looks like a full package because of their enthusiasm to teach and eventually evolve even beginners and traditional marketing experts in the industry so that they can see improvements in their careers. They have a wide range of programs that suit all needs and are built in interactive formats that are all up-to-date.

Their professional certification offers career defining courses which are both in-depth and comprehensive. This is where you can learn the definitive overview of all key digital marketing disciplines. What I’ve found out from looking at their website is that the professional certification is like a bundle of courses and the short courses on the other hand are those included in the professional certification program but are paid individually. 

We can’t really blame them for doing that kind of marketing since different people have different circumstances and different knowledge in the subject matter. What if they only need this part in the program or what if they don’t have that much of the time to finish a full course program, then that’s where the short courses come into play. That’s what they mean for being concise and essential. They are not gonna be recognized as the leading global standard in digital marketing certification for nothing.

Some of their most popular courses are DMI Pro, DMI Expert, DMI Master and DMI Specialist. Each has different costs that range from $1368 up to a whopping $11,850 for the Masters. Each has different phases but it’s best for you to get all of these 4 courses in succession. They offer different tools and and teach different strategies in each course for you to master that are mostly needed in an entry-level digital marketing job.

One of the key components that they will teach is the importance of creating great contents that are guaranteed to engage with your audience. With the widespread adoption of the fast-paced evolution of the technology, many people have been spending most of their time looking for things on the internet with their phones and gadgets and most of the visited area of it is social media. And as a digital marketer, most of your clients or customers will come from places all over the world who have caught the attention of your content.

The reviews from course takers are mostly positive. All are pleased with how they can learn more about digital marketing while at the comfort of their homes, managing work and family balance. And they are all delighted with how the customer support was very pleasing and accommodating. Based on their statistics, 38% of the people that finished their courses got a new role or changed career path in the said industry and 68% of their graduates say the course helped them get a promotion. You can use those rates as a basis whether you want to try DMI or not.

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