Just One Dime Review (Seth Kniep)

Seth Kniep

Seth Kniep congratulates those who started a business and failed miserably. Sarcasm? I think not, but why would he say that? Well, he assumes that those who fail forward are unfazed with their big Ls just like him not minding that one time he lost $20k due to his inspection mistake. Fast forward to now, he’s now successful in the eCommerce space and teaching his secrets on his Just One Dime program.

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I wholeheartedly agree with Seth’s mentality. Fall down seven times, stand up eight. That’s the spirit you need when things go rough in ya biz. I’m not saying that you need to experience suffering before getting a taste of success, though. It’s just inevitable in the business model Seth is teaching which is none other than Amazon FBA. When keeping it real or in Seth’s case, kniep’n it real, becomes a bitter pill to swallow.

Personally, I believe that selling on Amazon has become far more competitive in recent years. Hence, the reason I don’t recommend the business model. The stiff competition is also why you really can’t easily turn your dime into twenty times more like Seth did. I’m not buying Seth’s claim that he and his students are consistently getting forty to sixty percent profit margin either. It’s possible, but highly improbable given that seventy percent of Amazon sellers report only twenty five percent or less profit margin.

Just One Dime isn’t the best program to learn Amazon FBA either. Paying for any program, in fact, doesn’t give anyone much of an edge. You’re better off learning the thang with free educational content first or at least, pick a course that won’t break the bank like the ones I mentioned in my previous review about top three Amazon coaches.

But wait, why did Just One Dime program not make my list of the best programs to learn Amazon FBA from? Or to rephrase it better, why do I consider this as something that belongs to the steaming pile of sh*tty programs in Amazon FBA?

Well, my number one reason would be its exorbitant fees. Just One Dime’s flagship course, Amazon FBA Mastery, cost up to $3,997 for its most premium offer with additional one-on-one coaching calls. On the other hand, their DFY offer pricing is much worse at around $60,000 for a store with three product listings. There are also expensive upsells once you’re on the other side. Heck, there are also reports that they use the pandemic as an excuse to quote stupidly overpriced shipping fees too.

Just One Dime Review

Second, Seth is not transparent with the pitfalls of Amazon FBA which is many. To name a few, you got problems with product returns, missing stock, hijackers, and the pricey cost of Amazon PPC that’s a requirement to get some sales trickling in. He won’t say any of that. There’s a reason he’s spouting some too-good-to-be-true figures in the first place, he just wants to sell, sell, and sell. He don’t give a f*ck if you’re making an ill-informed purchase of his program (e.g. putting all your life savings just to buy). He’ll take any money that he could even if it means he’s making a single parent’s life much more miserable (based on a real scoop BTW).

Third, he’s usually not able to deliver the bare minimum of an Amazon store in a timely manner. And it’s not only about his expertise, or lack thereof, with Amazon FBA, it’s also related to his greedy ass wanting to get as much sales as he could. He’s letting in thousands of investors on his DFY offer, a number too many for him and his sixty employees to accommodate. The result? More than a year of no sales and sometimes no functional store for many investors. They’ll take your money quickly, but you’ll end up having nothing to show for it.

Last but not the least, I won’t ever recommend Just One Dime after finding out their aggressiveness on hushing out the people who realized how sh*tty they are. I already felt the censorship of Seth myself when I saw their Trustpilot page brimming with fake ass reviews (the similarity of how the reviews are written is too uncanny). My suspicion was just confirmed when I saw numerous forum threads parroting the same concern. The most notable one is them requiring its investors to sign an NDA after they finally built a (sh*tty) store so the investors can’t complain how sh*tty it is. To conclude, you better skip this one as it’s probably bound for a class-action lawsuit in the near future.

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