Invest Diva Review (Kiana Danial)

Kiana Danial

Kiana Danial, CEO of the Invest Diva program, didn’t hesitate to clap back at a YouTuber slash options trader that calls her a scammer that preys on women and stay-at-home moms. She insists that the guy who dragged her is just a jealous competitor who “only relies on pushing others down to get ahead.” She also mentions that she’s an educator that empowers women, and not some kind of a predator. Let’s say she’s not really a scammer, but is her program worth it? Find out below.

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According to Kiana, Invest Diva is an education program that helps women take control of their financial future. In the program’s website, you’ll see a glimpse of what she meant by financial future and it’s building generational wealth through investments like learning about Forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETF. She seems to have an extensive knowledge regarding investments, in cryptocurrencies at least, as she authored Cryptocurrencies Investment For Dummies. If you’re not familiar with it, “For Dummies” is a famous series of beginner-friendly books from John Wiley & Sons that are usually well-received.

To my surprise, what I initially thought about her book was wrong. Unlike the majority of “For Dummies” books, the one she wrote has received a fair amount of criticisms. It’s not completely negatively reviewed, but it’s far from being well-received. The consensus is the content being too shallow and the writing style being mediocre at best. One reviewer from Amazon savagely commented that it should be titled “Cryptocurrency Written By A Dummy.” 

Most importantly, she’s using the book, just like the other books she also authored, to direct traffic to her Invest Diva program. Affiliate links here, affiliate links there, affiliate links every f*cking where (and it’s not a fan favorite unlike Roy Kent). It’s not the worst, but lowkey disappointing to say the least. Like, I don’t give a damn if “going against the crowd” is one of your key pillars in Invest Diva Diamond Analysis (IDDA). What I need to know is about the huge growth potential of Bitcoin that you’re supposed to talk about and nothing else. And yes, she’s always putting reference to her program on barely related topics just like how she mentioned IDDA on the topic of Bitcoin’s growth. Same can be said for her other books, so I’ll tell you right away to not purchase ‘em.

Moving on from her book shenanigans, she also goes on to explicitly say that she’s not a financial advisor. What she provides is education, and not financial advice. So, what’s the point of giving her money for “building generational wealth through investment” programs, then? 

As expected, there’s no point paying for her programs, specifically her $2,000 PowerCourse, to learn technical knowledge about investments and the likes. Sure, any unlicensed advisor can give “education” about such but is it worth shelling $2k for? The answer would be NO especially when the content of her Powercourse is reviewed as “rubbish” and only worth $300 at most. The platform that contains the course is tagged as nightmarish to navigate too, and that’s coming from people who regarded themselves as tech savvy.

Invest Diva Review

Worse, you’ll never learn about her actual strategy (Ichimoku and Fibonacci levels) on the $2,000 course. In fact, it’s full of nonsense fluff and mystification of investments in an attempt to lure women and stay-at-home moms (and the YouTuber I mentioned earlier is somehow right about her tendencies to women-bait). It’s not that bad that she wants to empower women by letting them “remain feminine in male-dominated industries” but the way she does it is kinda insulting and has MLM vibes in it. No Kiana, making your programs women friendly doesn’t mean adding pep talks,astrology labels, and spiritual slash pseudoscience stuff on it. 

Instead, you have to subscribe to her Premium Investor Group (PIG) for $400 a month for a somewhat technical (albeit boring) discussion of stocks. And I labelled it as “discussion” as she’s not legally allowed to give trading signals nor actual investment advice. Hence, the reason for the NFA disclaimer.

Obviously, I won’t recommend any of Kiana’s programs under Invest Diva. Too pricey for something you can’t call as an actual investment advice. Not worth trying any of her offers too in hopes of the 30-day refund policy saving your ass. Good luck satisfying all the requirements for her “all questions asked” refund policy.

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