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Invest Diva Cost and Concerns (*Think Twice)

Investing in stocks can be such a daunting task for a lot of ordinary people. Not everyone has intricate knowledge in how things work in the stock market. But from what a lot different financial gurus on the internet have said, investing can be a great way for a lot of people to earn money in the long run. But not everyone can just buy stocks for a certain product like you would buying clothes at a mall. It takes bit of learning in order to have some knowledge with regards to the movement in the stock market. Fortunately enough, a lot of those financial gurus have developed their own mentorship programs where they share the knowledge and expertise to people who want to get into investing and trading.

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One such person is Kiana Danial and her company Invest Diva. Kiana had a short stint working in Wall Street. It was through that experience that she saw how certain financial institutions operate. Unfortunately, she was fired from her job. But that didn’t stop her from learning about investing on her own. It was through self study that she established the Invest Diva brand. The brand is mainly targeted towards other women but there have a lot of men who have joined the programs that they provide.

There are four programs that you can join. The first is the Make Money For You masterclass. It’s a free masterclass that’s targeted for people who are interested in investing but don’t know exactly how to get started. In order to join, you have to sign up through the prompt that will pop up. Once you’ve signed up, you get access to learning material created by Kiana. The second program is a five-day course where you will create a wealth generating ecosystem. Whatever that means. The third program is a course dedicated to cryptocurrency. It’s definitely an unusual course to have when the previous ones have mainly been about investing. But I guess crypto can be considered as an investment now? The fourth program is an experts-only program called the Premium Investing Group or PIG. PIG is basically an extension of the Make Money For You program.

In PIG, you get access to a special group where you can socialize with your fellow students. It also has coaching sessions with Kiana and other members of the Invest Diva team. The cost to join PIG is $2,000. It’s likely that the membership fee is an annual subscription rather than a one-time fee. It seems similar with some of the courses that I have seen from other financial gurus. It’s definitely a lot of money to spend. But it depends really on your interest in the program if its worth it or not.

Based on what I have learned through other reviews about the Invest Diva programs, especially PIG, it doesn’t that the programs are that worth it. While Kiana does have some knowledge and expertise to back up her success, some of the learning materials being provided aren’t as updated as you’d hope. It seems that the videos included in the program were recorded in 2019. A lot of things have happened since then and it’s sad that the content provided isn’t reflective of how the markets are right now.

Investments are a tricky thing to do. I’m not saying it to prevent you from doing so. But I do want to emphasize the innate risks that comes with the territory. Kiana negates that by saying that the mainstream is only saying that so that the banks reap the rewards from having your money in their deposits. But spending a lot of money you don’t want to part with is a big deal of why people aren’t as receptive to investing.

It’s great that there could be a way to grow your money with a company that may be super successful one day. But it’s never going to be that easy. The market rarely makes any sense. One day you’re doing great and the price for the stocks go up. The next day you’ve lost a lot of money. There are just risks that exist in that kind of system where we like it or not. We do have to be smart in how much we want to part with. If you manage to increase the worth of your portfolio, good for you. But one’s person success can’t be applied to everyone.

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