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Invest Diva Reviews on Reddit

You’ve probably had an experience where you’re watching a video on YouTube and the countdown for the ad break starts to show up. It’s great that they alert you when they’re about to show ads. But sometimes it can get annoying. Especially when the video features a person telling you that they have the secret to whatever it is that they’re selling. Maybe it’s the secret to getting ripped or how they got rich off of stock trading. Sometimes they add scenes backing up those claims.

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Some people have seen videos from Kiana Danial show up during the mid-roll ads on YouTube or Facebook. I personally haven’t. But from what I’ve seen from her YouTube channel, I’m not particular interested in the thing that she’s selling. You’ve probably already seen a lot of different financial advice coming from a lot of different people online and sometimes it can be hard to filter out what’s good or what’s not. There are times when the advice that they’re providing contradicts the one they said a few videos back.

All of the programs that Kiana and her Invest Diva brand offer are just some variation of a mentorship course. There’s the Invest Diva masterclass, a five-day challenge course where you build your wealth portfolio, a crypto mastery course and an experts only course called Premium Investing Group or PIG. You do have to take the masterclass before joining PIG. I don’t really know why the non-crypto courses have to be separate from one another. It’s probably better if it’s course that helps you level up in specific tiers after a set amount of time.

There’s been a lot of people who are mainly searching for reviews on Reddit. If you’ve ever searched for any kind of review in the past couple of weeks, you may see one of the autocomplete results have “reddit” in one of them. Reddit is a great place to look at other people’s opinions. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, where you have to sign up for an account before you can use it, Reddit lets you browse through their groups and posts without having to sign up. Most of the groups, or subreddits, are public.

I only managed to find one post on Reddit that talked about Kiana Danial and Invest Diva. It was a few months old at this point, but the stuff I saw from it can still be relevant to this review. There weren’t really a lot of comments in that post that went into detail. There was one user who got into a bit of a match with another user. In any kind of discourse, there’s always going to be two people who will butt heads with each other.

From what I gathered from that Reddit thread is that the program that Kiana offers through her brand aren’t exactly different from any of the other mentorship programs being offered by other financial gurus on the internet. One person commented that she does have some knowledge and experience to back up her claims. Even then, it doesn’t seem like Kiana is handling all of the mentorship nowadays. She seems to be only focusing on mentoring the high income-earning clients in that group. Everyone else gets mentored by previous students of PIG. I sort of get that once something gets big enough to operate without much of your input, you step back a bit from it and let everybody else do the work.

The price for it is also really expensive for anyone who is just starting out. PIG costs $2,000 to join. It is intended to be for people who have already done the cheaper masterclass. But with a lot of people being part of that group, it sort of makes sense to join that program. There were some comments that said that the content provided in some of the programs are outdated. It’s only a three year difference. But that’s still a large gap especially if you’re going to join in 2022.

Considering that a lot of resources regarding stock investing, forex trading and cryptocurrency are available for free on the internet, you’re probably better off studying on your own than spending $2,000 for outdated material. I commend that Invest Diva is focused on helping women find success in an space that dominated by men. Sometimes it can’t just be for one gender.

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