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The Dividend Hunter Review (Tim Plaehn)

Tim Plaehn

Tim Plaehn, in partnership with Investors Valley, delivers a new and fresh take on dividend and income investing advisory. He calls it The Dividend Hunter. As the name implies, The Dividend Hunter only recommends companies that are committed to raising dividends. That’s what makes it different, at least according to Tim. Bet you wanna know more about the said program, do you? I got ya. Read my The Dividend Hunter review below for more info.

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To reiterate what I mentioned above, The Dividend Hunter is an advisory service catered for retirees. Here, you’ll learn about Tim’s recommended stocks for dividend investments. From the Investors Alley’s site, the said stocks are not only high yield, but also have a sustainable dividend growth.

These are the kind of stock where you’re assured of getting your dividend payments regularly while you can also count on the payout figure to increase, says Tim. “These are the kinds of investments you can rely on for steady, reliable ‘Endless Income’ month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year,” he adds.

So, no need for you to do the nitty-gritty to find the “one” since Tim already did all the heavy lifting for you. Gone are the guesswork and uncertainty , he says, and boldly adds that all the possible errors that could happen are gone too. Not some, not few, but all of ‘em errors gonna go poof! Damn, Tim is feeling it, eh?

I’m not surprised with the boldness, though. I mean, Tim is known for going with a 8% figure as his yield, a tad higher than the average 2%-5%. Seems like a small difference, but trust me when I say that it’s actually massive since we’re talking about dividend yields. Not that I don’t want bigger figures of it, it’s just improbable. What I’m saying is Tim’s probably just bullsh*tting  and “plaehn-ing around” with his chutzpah.

Anyway, here’s what you’ll get if you sign up for The Dividend Hunter: Monthly newsletters containing Tim’s recommended stock for twelve months; weekly picks and stock updates; live training sessions; a 60-day trial to DivCaster, a dividend tracking and forecasting software; and four reports named The 36-Month Accelerated Income Plan, The Monthly Dividend Paycheck Calendar, The 3 Must-Own Dividend Hunter Stocks to Buy Today, and 7 High-Yield Monthly Dividend Payers You Could Own Today. The price of The Dividend Hunter? Well, The Dividend Hunter costs $49 for the first year, $99 a year thereafter. There’s also an offer for lifetime access at $297.

So, what’s my thoughts regarding The Dividend Hunter, then? First off, I won’t personally buy something  where its core offer is a newsletter. More likely than not, newsletters are just the start of a sales funnel and what you pay for it is just a toll fee to get on the side where you’ll get the pricier offers. The Dividend Hunter is no different. You don’t want some upsells galore just like one of his past subscribers who find Tim’s “constant hawking of additional services” objectionable.

The Dividend Hunter Review

To add, I’m not a fan of monetizing simple concepts either. The Dividend Hunter doing the research for you regarding the best stocks to invest might be worth a few bucks, but the clickbait content they embellish on the program to make it enticing is not. Take a look at their income plan for example where Tim hypes up compounding. In reality, it’s just reinvesting your gains, if there’s any with Tim’s recommended stocks, to generate additional earnings.

Above all, investing in dividends is not as safe as Tim markets it. There’s a difference between being boring and being risk-free, and dividend investments is just the former. They are also subjected to macroeconomic and company risks as usual. In other words, companies can either slash or completely remove their dividend payouts regardless of their track record. It already happened during the financial meltdown around ‘08 and we can’t discount the possibility of history repeating itself. In fact, a lot of Tim’s recommendations already got the dreaded payout slash actually.

To conclude, I’m not inclined to recommend The Dividend Hunter. Sure, it’s not that costly with a surprisingly decent one-year money back guarantee, but you’ll still need to pay more for ‘em juicier deets in the upsells. Besides, the business model is not beginner-friendly at all. To get some significant amount of gains, you’ll need a capital north of $25k to start according to Tim and that figure is still very low by industry standards. Then, you’ll still have to pick a winning stock to get it. Too complicated to get it all right and I’m not trusting Tim to pull it off for ya either.

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