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Brett Owens opens up his latest newsletter with an acknowledgement of the events that have happened in the past few years. The pandemic has, inarguably, changed the lives of people around the world. The effects of it can still be felt until now, even though we are all in a slightly better place when it all started. Still, everybody’s catching up on the time that we have seemingly lost in the year that we all stayed at home. Economically, everyone is just trying to bounce back. But it’s never going to be easy. This is the world that we live in now.

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Somehow, Brett has hidden his top investment strategy away from the readers of his other newsletters like Contrarian Income Report before the entire whole world sheltered at home. Why is he doing it now? Well, it’s because the market has changed and there’s an opportunity that arose from it that could be taken advantage of. Although, it has to be mentioned that he had already introduced Dividend Swing Trader a few months prior to the start of the pandemic.

This newsletter is an extension to what he already does in the Contrarian Income Report. It’s just that the strategy being applied to Dividend Swing Trader is different from the Contrarian Income Report. The strategy that DST is employing is something called swing trading. Normally, a lot of investors employ the strategy known as day trading. You watch the movements that is happening to a certain stock and you time when you’re going to buy into that stock and when you’re going to sell it. This just happens within just a few hours. You don’t really get a lot of profit out of it. With swing trading however, you’re holding onto that stock for longer than a day. Sometimes it could take you a few months. It’s a longer process but it has a higher chance of being profitable.

Compared to the Contrarian Income report which costs an initial $39 for the first year then $99 for the next, Dividend Swing Trader costs $799 a year for its membership, then $1499 for the next. That’s a lot of money that you’re going to invest into a newsletter that will help you invest in the picks that Brett is going to suggest to you. If you’re already paying The Contrarian Outlook money to access their newsletters, then that kind of money is probably peanuts for you. But if not, that’s not really accessible to ordinary people wanting to invest their money for retirement.

Like I said, people who have already bought into the enterprise that Brett Owens has created, they are more likely to buy into the next thing that he will create. But for ordinary people who can’t afford paying $799, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth all the hassle. Learning the ins and outs of investing and trading takes a bit of work to understand. There are plenty of books and even free resources available out there that people can look for if they want to get the basics right.

It takes a lot of work to get into investing and trading. Not everyone will have money lying around that they could put into the trades that Brett is going to suggest to you in his newsletter. I get that Brett knows a lot more stuff about investing that you and I know. But it’s really hard to justify the price of this newsletter compared to the initial price that you pay for the Contrarian Income Report. Like, I could sort of justify that $39 is roughly three months worth of a subscription to a streaming service. But that money only goes to the streaming service and not back to you.

Trading has a lot of ups and downs that come with it. The market does not really make sense most of the time. We all dream of having our money grow over time so that we could retire with money saved up for whatever happens next. Still, Brett isn’t really licensed to give you financial advice or broker any of the investments that he will suggest to you and the fifty other people who paid hundreds of dollars apart from the thousands of dollars you’re going to put into those stocks.

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