Dobre Twins Net Worth

There has been a crop of people who became famous because of the internet. With phones that are capable of shooting high resolution videos, it’s easy to shoot your own videos and post it on the internet. Each of the major video sharing and streaming platforms have their set of creators. Sometimes, there are creators on TikTok who also post videos on YouTube. And there are people who do livestreams on both YouTube and Twitch. When you gain a certain amount of followers on those platforms, it’s easy to monetize the work that you put on there.

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I have written a bit about some of the people who have made it their careers to post content on different platforms. A lot of brands nowadays are looking for creators who have an audience that they want to cater their ads to. Somehow, people learn how to treat their selves as a brand. If you’ve built enough of a following, you are able to find ways to monetize the content that you make and even your own self. As good as it is to earn money through whatever partner program these platforms have, you should still find other ways to earn money.

Even though I have gotten to see a lot of content creators, especially YouTube, manage to evolve their content throughout the years, I am always surprised to find whenever there’s a new creator who has tens of millions of subscribers despite only existing for a few years. It’s insane how easy it is to find your audience on the platform. I rarely veer away from the creators that I subscribe to. Some of the content that other newer creators make don’t really appeal to me anymore. And I guess that has to do with age.

There’s a surprising amount of teenagers who have made a career out of making videos on YouTube. From what I have seen, most of the younger creators on the platform seem to make very random vlogs that are somehow weirdly thought out. Even if the videos that they create are mostly pranks, there’s some level of logistics that goes with that. Pranks do involve some planning. Especially if you’re planning to make videos out of it.

Lucas and Marcus Dobre, or otherwise known as the Dobre Twins, first started their YouTube channel in 2015. Similar to other YouTubers at the start of their career, they mostly went with vlogs where they just talk straight to camera. Whenever any creator doesn’t have a clear vision yet for what kind of videos they are going to put in their channel, doing videos like this one serves as a way to introduce yourselves to your audience.

As time went on, Lucas and Marcus started to do challenge videos. They were still using the same production as their earlier videos, but they were following the trends that were happening at the time. Besides YouTube, they were also building their presence in other apps like Vine and Eventually, they started to do more videos in other places. The moment they started doing videos in different locations is when their videos started to shift.

Like I said previously, there’s an amount of effort required in order to do pranks in a bigger scale. Looking through the videos that they made, Lucas and Marcus spent a lot of money buying stuff like sticky notes or doughnuts. The scale of the kinds of pranks that they did on their channel was similar to other YouTubers at the time. But they were still getting decent amounts of views.

There really isn’t much else to the content that they are creating to be honest. For the most part, they’re still doing prank videos every now and again. Their videos still get hundreds of thousands of views. Considering that they have more than 27 million subscribers on their channel, it’s definitely on the smaller side, but they upload a lot of videos every week so there’s still new videos being shot and edited for their fans. It’s no wonder that the Dobre twins have a net worth of at least $4,000,000. Aside from the twin’s YouTube channel, they also have another channel with their two other brothers. There’s also a YouTube channel where the brothers show of their cars.

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