Digital Doctor Program Review (Dr. Chester Zoda)

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Chester Zoda M.D. knows that, by being a healthcare provider, you’re basically sacrificing a lot of your leisure time for work. Especially if you’re doing one-on-one consultations everytime, and you have to repeat those words over and over and over again for every patient on your doorstep. However, he claims that it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. Today, Dr. Chester is offering to his fellow doctors everywhere, a way to help them earn a good amount of passive income, while still being able to enjoy their time with family, friends, etc. How? Read on this Digital Doctor Program review to know more.

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Dr. Chester Zoda says that his system can help even the busiest of doctors create a stream of passive income. No need to spend over 24 hours a day working at the hospital just to earn a sizeable amount of money. This means that you can still do the things that you love with this. And you don’t even need to spend any startup capital in doing so. All you need to have is your healthcare and medical expertise. So how do you do it? By creating your own online course about any topic that relates to health and medicine. As a bonus, you can get to help people, too.

Now, as doctors, you may have some doubts. You may think that it may be not worth your time, and that you’re going to be too busy to even deal with things like starting your own online business. Dr. Chester knows this feeling because he’s been through this as well. But then again, so is a girl named Natalia, an anesthesiologist. According to Dr. Chester, ever since she invested in this program, she’s been earning around $75,000 monthly. And she claims that this is a better investment than real estate. Then there’s Jackson, a surgical resident. He thinks that, as a surgeon, he won’t have extra time to do this business. But Dr. Chester’s simple system has helped him launch his course, and just in his first week alone, he has already earned $149 dollars. Unfortunately, we can’t verify as of today if these testimonials come from real people, or are just made-up. Oh, well.

But anyways, Dr. Chester says that he’s willing to work with two types of people for this system. The first type is busy doctors with no idea where to start. The second type is doctors who are already sharing their expertise online, but either don’t know how to monetize or haven’t been successful at it. Also, Dr. Chester emphasizes that this system isn’t really for everybody. Aside from the obvious fact that this is intended for doctors and health experts only, he also stresses that this program is not for those people who are seeking a get-rich-quick solution, seeking to sell inferior products, stuck in the old ways of money-making, and/or are not willing to invest in themselves. If you belong to any of those people, Dr. Chester advises that you simply leave so as you won’t waste his time and yours.

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Dr. Chester then makes more statements with regards to the Digital Doctor program. “At first I was skeptical, but after seeing the results that my clients have achieved, I truly believe that any doctor could start an online course helping others with the skills and expertise that they already have. The problem is, they just don’t know where to start and they don’t have a map to follow. I have that map, and it’s my life’s mission to share with the world, to empower doctors to shape their own destiny and experience the freedom that they deserve.”

As for why creating your own online course is very profitable? There are several reasons. First, online education is expected to hit three hundred and fifty billion in revenue by the year 2025. With that much revenue arriving, it would be foolish for anyone to not grab that slice of the pie. Second, it might be hard to accept this fact for doctors, but one-to-one services don’t scale. At all. No matter how many hours you work in the hospital or clinic, you’ll always run out of time. Having an online course is the solution for this. By creating one, you can duplicate your expertise over and over and over. It’s easy to set up, simple to maintain, and once all the work is done, it continues to serve your audience day after day without you even attending it.

Finally, there is a demand for it, especially in the health sector. People are starving for specialized knowledge. As a doctor or a medical expert, this puts you in a very privileged position. You can not only help more people, but build a life of freedom and abundance in the process. The Digital Doctor program contains a video training masterclass, weekly Q&A calls, access to the Digital Doctor community, lifetime updates, templates, worksheets, swipes, an already built sales funnel, and more. There’s no mention of how much the program costs, even during the so-called “webinar.” The only way to find out is to book a call with Dr. Chester Zoda for this. Despite the good business model, I don’t think I can trust Dr. Chester in this aspect yet. What I need are real success stories from real people in the medical field.

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