Jack Doherty Net Worth

There’s a ton of people who make a living from making videos on YouTube. It’s no wonder that people try to make it out there in the digital space. It’s hard to get into the usual forms of entertainment, namely movies and TV. With just a camera and yourself, you can basically make it big online. Take Jack Doherty for example. He started out with just a video of him as a 13-year old kid trying to pass the time in the classroom. You know how bored kids can get at school. But somehow, that video changed his life and started his journey to getting online fame and reaching this net worth.

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A lot of young people grew up in the age where everything is connected to the internet. Toddlers nowadays are able to use an iPad to play games and watch videos on YouTube. Good ol’ unfiltered YouTube. There wasn’t a time that kids going through puberty weren’t on their phones for hours. And because of that, young people basically dictate what gets a lot of views and what doesn’t.

It’s actually kind of weird that people younger than 18 years old can make their own YouTube channels. But it’s really easy if you know how to work a smartphone. Kids are adept at using phones and tablets because they’ve been exposed to it at a very young age. The video I mentioned early in the post is proof that you can just put out a video if you know how to.

The journey from someone who posted a video just for fun to being a person who posts content regularly interests me a lot. You can never really tell who will become a known quantity on the a certain part of the internet. It can happen to anyone, even you. You can really see the progression of Jack’s YouTube channel the more you scroll through all the videos he has made in the past five years or so.

There isn’t a lot of information regarding Jack’s personal life, seeming as he’s only 18 years. His father Mark has roots in Ireland, while his mother Anna has roots in Poland. He also has a brother named Michael. The family once resided in Long Island, New York before they moved to Los Angeles. Jack has been known to skip school for his videos. It was mentioned in a video of his that he had a total of 27 unexcused absences.

I have got to admit that I never really dug prank videos. They are rarely my favorite kind of video on YouTube. But I am highly aware that it is a popular form of video on the platform. I still don’t get why. In the early days of his channel, the videos has been mostly him practicing backflips and trick shots. You know, normal things that teenagers do. But there were some prank videos sprinkled here and there.

There was a period in time when brothers Jake and Logan Paul were at the peak of their YouTube careers. At the same, they have done a few videos that might be considered problematic. Shock value was a big selling point to get heaps of views on YouTube. So Jack, being a huge fan of the brothers, tried to emulate his idols. He has done a lot of videos on his channel where he got thrown out for being disorderly. A lot of his videos have parentheticals like “kicked out,” “cops called,” “suspended” and “security banned us.” It’s sort of feels like a weird drinking game.

Somehow, those tactics worked. Since getting 100 subscribers from his first ever video, his YouTube channel has more than three million subscribers. And more than 500 million views. He has managed to reach a net worth of $1,000,000 at the age of 15. Even though I don’t really enjoy his videos, that’s still an impressive feat for a teenager.

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