Dolmar Cross Review

Dolmar Cross

Dolmar Cross has been relentless in snapping photos to show that you can work virtually anywhere with his program. I mentioned this before but damn, the photos just keep getting ridiculous.  Crossing the busy streets bustling with busy people, he has his Macbook in hand and doing real estate things. Hell, he’s even doing it while in the calming and clear waters of a beach. It’s too extra and exaggerated, but did you know that there’s more exaggerated than this? It’s his promise of a six-figure income with his program. His surname is Cross for a reason, it’s the gods or some inanimate forces out there telling me (telling us!) that he ain’t a person I’ll associate to a check, opposite even. Find out why I don’t recommend Dolmar’s programs as a side-hustle in the review below.

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You’ve likely heard a similar story to Dolmar’s before. And if you don’t, then you’ve not exposed yourself enough to these “gurus.” Not a bad thing since it usually feels like traversing a cesspool of radioactive mess with all the lies and bootlicking, but it’s better for you to know this same old script that these gurus (like Jason Capital, for example) loves to use.

So, it goes like this: Dolmar had success in real estate using conventional methods, but lost everything and almost filed for bankruptcy. Aside from the usual oopsies from spending too much, he reasoned out that the 2008 financial crisis hit him hard like everyone else. Such failure pushed him to be smarter and better overall. It’s not only for him apparently, but also for his kids. The rest is history, or should I say, he rebuilt his previous real estate biz but upgraded it with the automated stuff in Automated Investor System. Also, he’s willing to share his secrets with you that made this epic comeback possible because why not?

He’s pulling several heartstrings here at once. Is “I’m doing it for my family” card here? Yes, it is. How about the “bad decisions make better stories” card? It’s also present so is “not doing it right for the first time because I’m relatable” card. It’s a trifecta of some sorts. I’m not saying it’s fake, but there’s reasons to doubt if it’s legit. Of all the people to have similar experience like this, it’s always these gurus. A heartwarming story turned into a boring cliché with predictable ending: them being successful and wanting to share the secrets behind their success for a price.

Anyway, if you somehow want to still try your luck in replicating Dolmar’s big W by joining his program, then I have some bad news for you. I don’t think that it’ll work for you especially if you’re a newbie. Dolmar said it himself that you need to be a good closer, and that skill unfortunately doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t say that you’re a helpless case, but learning all of that while paying thousands of dollars to Dolmar is quite risky. Instead of “more chances of winning,” it’s likely “more chances of losing.” It’s not you, it’s just how the cookie crumbles in real estate.

Dolmar Cross Review

I mean, you’ve got problems even before the “closing the deals” part. Specifically, Dolmar’s app being piss poor that it’s rare to find any real person and still working digits there. I’m no detective here but it seems like it has to do with Dolmar’s Property Scout Pipeline that has been out of commission for years.  They seem to replace it because an app that manages property scouts ain’t needed much plus it’s comparatively an older, almost prehistoric, tech compared to automated ones.

Connecting the dots here and there, I had this lightbulb flashing moment. What if the data from Dolmar’s automated app is actually from that Pipeline program? It explains the outdated leads and phone numbers, after all. Probably not the most ethical move if it’s true since it’s not their lead. It’s from a scout their past customers from the Pipeline program paid for themselves. Regardless, the current app is just terrible and makes it hard for anyone to succeed in an already challenging business industry. It’s like an all-out battlefield but you only start with a stick while others have a freaking grenade launchers.

Do I think that Dolmar Cross is a scam artist? No, not really. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll approve of him and his programs. Let’s stop settling for less, okay? You’ll be paying him a lot but what he gives back is not worth much. Hard to earn six figures at a disadvantage, really. Besides, who’s doing real estate as a side hustle anyway? You’ll be better off with its digital equivalent where the product and results speak for itself.

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