Mint CRO Conversion Domination Mini Bundle Review

Jessica Jobes

Jessica Jobes and Erin Athene are the co-founders of Mint CRO, a company that specializes in offering solutions to various business owners on how they can increase their revenue. So far, they have helped agency owners, ecom stores, info marketers, high ticket coaches, and software companies with their growth solutions and their conversion coaching. Before Mint CRO, these two are also highly-accomplished individuals in different fields. Jessica worked at Microsoft for eight years, and she was reportedly on Bill Gates’ favorite engineering team of all time. Erin, on the other hand, co-founded her first $20 million tech company in 17 months, and has trained 100 early-stage startups while she’s still in a company called Tech Accelerators.

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Let’s learn a bit of the history of Mint CRO first. It all started in October 2014. As mentioned before, Jessica was working at Microsoft before. After spending 8 years on one of the top engineering teams in the world, running 230,000 experiments a month, and producing business growth every single month, Jessica left to join a small web design studio. As the story goes, one of their clients spent a grand total of $80,000 on a custom website. However, it failed during its launch, generating only $900 in revenue. Jessica felt terrible about it, so she also left that design studio to start her own marketing agency.

At first, Jessica thought that proper marketing may be the answer she was looking for persistent business growth. But she was wrong. Dead wrong. Because even after she followed all the best marketing practices possible and experienced various highs and lows with it, she has never acquired persistent business growth from it. So, by her own account, she drew a pile of dog poo on the whiteboard in front of her team, telling them to stop everything they were doing up ’till now, and invent a new way to grow.

And she did. Jessica tapped on what she knew best: Engineering. And after thorough research, she began to see favorable results. This started in March 2017. Jessica stated, “The first time I applied this new approach, I went from four hundred leads to ten thousand leads using only one Facebook ad and one web page. The next ‘unlock’ was my webinar, which went from no sales, to one sale for every five webinar attendees. [In July of 2018] Erin and I founded Mint CRO to bring this methodology to so many more companies to help them stop wasting money on marketing.”

The other co-founder, Erin, then states their simple belief. “Persistent growth shouldn’t be reserved for the big dogs and their armies of engineers. Since one person can only test so many variables, our mission is to maximize impact for each student and client by leveraging a common testing system and an army of well-trained Conversion Rate Optimizers [aka conversion experts] who test, learn, share, repeat. Because when we all use the same data-driven approach to marketing and continue to share our test results liberally, the system gets stronger and ‘all boats rise.’”

Erin Athene

According to both Jessica and Erin, When you invest your money in their various Mint CRO trainings, courses, and services, you’re not just hiring another lame marketing company that could care less about your results as long as you keep paying your retainer. You’re actually benefitting from their proven high-converting tests, templates, and formulas, and their tribe of conversion specialists who work tirelessly to strengthen their system day in and day out. They even call themselves “data-loving dorks”, and they look forward to meeting you and helping you grow their business.

People will also notice how awkward and unpolished their presentation videos are if you watch them. But a loyal fan of the program actually thinks that it’s a positive quality if they do. It means that the money they have isn’t spent on video production and whatnot, and instead, they’re focused on the methodology that they’re trying to build with the company. After all, what’s the use of a good presentation if the product behind has low quality?

The Mint CRO offers various products that can assist you in lead conversion and scaling your business. They consist of an online coaching program, a mastermind, and a so-called “Insider License Program.” There’s also the Conversion Domination Live, which consists of three live workshops (no replays will be made available because they claim that all the magic happens live), their secret formula for repeatable growth, and various bonuses.

The cost for joining Conversion Domination Live is usually $3,500, but they also have a promo wherein you can join for a measly $49. For the incredible price drop, expect some expensive upsells afterward. As for their credibility, there’s not a hint of a red flag on them. Users on Reddit even suggest that their services are incredibly useful for business owners. So personally, it’s a good value. You’ll get your money’s worth from them.

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