Dope CFO Review (Andrew Hunzicker)

Dope CFO teaches accounting firms all over the U.S and helps CPAs, CFOs, entrepreneurs, bookkeepers, who want to get into the industry, work at home and have a one-person firm all by themselves. “It has over 700 firms in the 50 states of the U.S and literally 99% of them are just one-person firms”, says Andrew in one of his interviews. It is an interesting idea and nobody else is doing it, but what is that idea Andrew is talking about? Find out in my Dope CFO review below.

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Andrew Hunzicker is a seasoned CPA, who has 30 plus years in the accounting industry and has founded countless multi million dollar businesses throughout his career, discovered another niche that might have a great future ahead, the Dope CFO in September 2017. His goal is to help aspiring accounting professionals seek their work-life balance, at the same time manage their thriving businesses and cultivate the next generation of experts through the cannabis niche.

Why weed? Andrew believes that it is the number one fastest-growing industry in the world and it is still underappreciated. But according to MJBizDaily, cannabis, or what is better known as marijuana, is illegal to more than 50% of the states in the U.S. in terms of recreational use. So how will this so-called “thriving” Industry boom? Well, we also know that marijuana is not just for recreational use, but it also has a medicinal value. 

“The CEOs of these cannabis companies are easy to find and reach out to. And the average client has huge revenues, meaning huge fees for you. Another take-away is that it is in an exciting space to be part of”, Andrew shared in one of his podcasts. There is no shortage of money to begin with if we’re talking about “drugs”, since there are sub-niches under this criteria, farming, chemical processing, product manufacturing, laboratories, and many more. 

And being an accountant or CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is surely one of the most important jobs in this kind of niche. Imagine you’re transporting big sums of product and you just miscalculated one of them, that will give a huge blow to the company. Hence the program that Andrew built, together with the company which they call “Firm In A Box” system. The system has 4 parts: education, ready-made marketing and sales plan, every tool needed to get started and a network, coaching, weekly Q&A and a community.

The said program apparently will help students enrolled find a new world of clients, empower them to start their own practices and create a stream of wealth for themselves in the newly developed cannabis, hemp/CBD industry. All in a span of 90 days based on his LinkedIn account. Well, maybe it is an easy to understand to copy process if that’s all it takes to become successful in a newly “underrated” thriving niche.

The cost for joining the program was not stated in any of the platforms I visited, maybe because each and every participant had different investment fees prior to joining. “It’s an investment for yourself. You are your one and only asset for your business.”, Andrew explained when asked about the cost of the program. They claimed that you can earn a potential ROI of 50 to 100x of your investment using their program just by dealing with one client. 

At this point where there aren’t any service providers in the US who have served a state-legal Cannabis company; including accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, marketers, plumbers, realtors, electricians, etc, that have faced any legal repercussions for simply providing service to a state legal Cannabis company. This fact will make you less mobile when doing business in this kind of niche. You need to be wary of your own state laws before dealing with potential clients.

It is a scary process doing all this work in this kind of niche, because as far as we all know, there are smugglers of these products all around the world. One wrong move, wrong choice of clients will lead you to your downfall, and worst, be put into prison. There’s still a better option of staying away, and just build a business that is clean, free of prejudice and most importantly, something that you love doing.

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