Doreen Virtue Net Worth

There are a lot of books out there. And I mean A LOT. It seems like there’s a new book coming out every single day. Sometimes, it can be exhausting. There are so many books in so many genres. How could you choose? Do you just buy all of them? It still depends of whether or not the book is something you’re genuinely interested in. But there is an author by the name of Doreen Virtue that gained my attention. In this review, we take a look at her story and other details about her, including her net worth.

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Doreen Virtue became known due to her literary work regarding Angel Cards. It’s a form of card reading that’s similar to tarot card readings. The person facilitates the reading through the use of cards featuring angelic symbolism. If you’re into this sort of thing, good for you. A lot of people do participate in these kinds of things. And there’s nothing particularly wrong about it. People can believe in what they want to believe.

Doreen was fairly successful in this realm. She had books, card decks and even a training for program for people who want to do card reading with Angel Cards. Supposedly, she had a net worth of about $3,000,000 from her work. Her sons, Charles and Grant both co-wrote a few books with her regarding spirituality. Charles is still actively doing classes that teach people about Angelic Mediumship. Who would’ve thought that this would somehow be a family business of sorts.

Then things started to get a little bit interesting. Early in 2017, Doreen decided to read the Bible. A bit of background: Her family was under Christian Science. I’m never really sure what certain religious denominations are about. It’s sometimes a bit much. But she held the belief that she was part of blasphemous teachings about the Christian faith so she joined the New Age. It’s basically participating in certain activities to strengthen your spirituality. Things like yoga and card readings were a part of that. Before she started writing those kinds of books, she was a psychologist. Like an actual psychologist, as in who went to school to learn about it and practice it. There apparently was a moment in her life that lead to her writing about spirituality. And the rest was history.

Like I said, she had some amount of success writing books about it, selling physical items that relate to it, and even doing classes about Angel Cards. But something about the experience of reading the Bible in its entirety made Doreen turn over a new leaf. She did a video explaining why she chose to stop doing card readings. It’s a relatively quick watch. But the short of it is she read a verse that said to stop doing fortune telling. And that’s the more well-known term for card reading. Since then, she has been doing videos on her YouTube channel debunking all of the New Age stuff that she previously participated in.

She has basically denounced all of her past work and tried to get her former publisher to stop publishing those works. She tried to get her followers to burn any of her work that they had. Mainly because that’s not connected anymore to what she is now. She wrote a new book detailing her journey to becoming a born-again Christian. It’s such an interesting journey to see. And I’m not really sure if I should commend her for it. Or be very concerned by it. But she can live her life how she wants. Though it does make me wonder if it has strained her relationship with her sons.

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