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Ryan Dossey Reviews

Ryan Dossey

Ryan Dossey mentions how he’s not like the other real estate gurus. They don’t sell a dream, they just help those who already have it achieve more. But before he and his team could do all this hand-holding, he needed to help himself first. He had no money at the start. Heck, he didn’t even finish highschool. The full story on how he became who he is today plus my thoughts on whether you should trust him starts below.

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To begin, Ryan mentions how he started making money out of selling car warranties over the phone. “Damn, that job sucked!” he exclaims. Of course it is, no need for him to mention it really. I think we all know how the majority, if not everyone, hated those extended car warranty talks. Myself included.

But as a seventeen year old, the $23k salary for that job is a decent start for him. It’s only until he got married in his early 20s  when he realized that the said salary is weak, and not enough to support someone else, let alone a family with a kiddo.

After the realization, he decided to look for solutions. He got his eyes on anything real estate, and after stumbling upon the well-known real estate forum in BiggerPockets and exploring its “magical land of off-market deal finding”, he decided to become a full-time wholesaler.

You know where this is going right? No, it’s not yet the “rest is history” part BTW. Before the happily ever after, there’s the struggle first. In his own words, it’s not all roses and unicorns at the start of his wholesaling career.

There’s him losing $30k for a property that needs a sh*tton of costly repair work and buncha code enforcement liens. Then, there’s also him literally losing a house over a fire. He even got scammed by his previous handyman who used his company credit card to fund their personal house remodel.

The point is, any big goal that’s worth pursuing will never be easy to achieve. More likely than not, it’s going to find a way to kick you hard in the nuts (or whatever the equivalent of this for us ladies) before you ever accomplish it. That’s just how it is, no such thing as overnight success.

But then, the thing is, you don’t back down. If you fall down seven times, you stand up eight. That’s the mentality, and Ryan here got the dawg in him. Didn’t let all the setbacks and early struggles faze him, and now he has a lot of good sh*t going for him.

Specifically, he owns a telemarketing company in Call Porter, a handwritten mailer company in Ballpoint Marketing, and a wholesaling company in Christopher Rellyn Homes. Oh wait, how could I miss that he also offers a wholesaling mentorship (price is around $10k a year) under the Create Cash Flow (CCF) branding.

I know, I know. His story seems like what a fake guru would say, but I actually believe it. At least, I believe his claim of being a serial entrepreneur. Like, he ain’t getting his bag exclusively from selling pricey mentorship, he’s also getting it from doing real estate things. Investing, wholesaling, marketing, and all the real estate -ings besides mentoring.

Ryan Dossey Reviews

To add, I see nothing but praises for him and his services on BiggerPockets, particularly his telemarketing company and mentoring. Safe to say, he’s someone you can trust. However, do mind that he’s likely affiliated with the said forum. Might skew the reviews there in his favor, maybe not. Who knows.

Also, despite him looking like the real deal and all, I’m still not going to recommend his mentorship. Besides the expensive price, I’m just not fond of wholesaling as a business model. It’s just not and never will be beginner-friendly unless you start with some oil or emerald mine money.

A previous student of Ryan said it himself. You need to invest a lot of money and resources in systems and marketing to make it work. Lots of ‘em Gs since you’ll be competing with established companies, those who have deeper pockets than you, who will also invest lots of ‘em Gs as well. No joke, you gotta bet the farm first before you even start earning from it. I’m not fine with that knowing there are better alternatives.

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