Dotun Jibowu Reviews

Dotun Jibowu

Dontun Jibowu of VNTR Homes believes that “good enough” is not good enough if it can be better, and “better” is not good enough if it can be the best. “If you are going to do a job, do it right,” he asserts. And guess what, seems like it’s all lip service ‘cause he didn’t do his Kajabi website right with all these “lorem ipsum” placeholders.

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His company logo isn’t done right either. I’m no web designer, but to me, the “VNTR” text in the said logo lacked thickness and contrast. As a result, sh*t’s so damn hard to see on a white background. Not too big of a deal, but still undesirable.

On the bright side, at least Dotun is not the old ass dude with the same name [and also from the same country] that got sued for faking law diplomas. He ain’t no wannabe lawyer, just an Airbnb and short term rental (STR) guru.

Plus, he has a better company website other than the unfinished mess on Kajabi. Here, he mentions his journey before he became an owner of a six-figure Airbnb biz at the age of 28 [his words, not mine].

To make the long story short, he claims to be from a poor Nigerian household that just got poorer after moving to US. Him seeing his mom sell rice around the city got him “frustrated and irritated” because he didn’t want her to suffer like this.

Everything changed for the better when his GF’s mom introduced him to Airbnb. Fast forward to today, he got no problem with supporting his fam financially. And as expected, he’s also willing to help 9-5ers attain a financial freedom similar to his through STR and Airbnb.

His backstory got lotta words, yet somehow still lacks a thorough explanation. We just have to agree that he made a fortune through Airbnb… We just have to believe that his so-called “The Airbnb 2X Method” is the key in generating a steady, life-changing passive income.

I mean, alright, I see an Airbnb host operating under VNTR Homes. Yes, I also see lots of glowing reviews for their listed properties there. That’s cool and all, but it doesn’t automatically make Dotun’s mentorship worthy of similar praise [no mention of the cost on the website, but I assume it starts around $1.5k].

So, how was it? The few testimonials posted on the company website suggest that it’s worth it. “Dotun taught me from the ground up, everything I needed to know and more,” states Michael Martinez from Houston, Texas. Then, a property manager named Stephanie Harris mentions, “My husband and I are truly grateful for Dotun and VNTR Homes for their assistance with our business.”

Sounds promising, but there’s a problem: I don’t find any social proof outside the website to back these testimonials up. While VNTR Homes is a genuine company, nothing comes up when I search the LLC of Stephanie. Also, what’s up with the [one and only] “agent” review on Dotun that’s only filled with nonsensical text? Uh-huh, just another placeholder shenanigans from this dude. Very odd.

Regardless, I won’t recommend Dotun’s mentorship for a simple yet very important reason. And that is, I don’t believe that STR in the form of Airbnb rental arbitrage is a viable business model. It’s doable, but I see no reason in settling for less.

Dotun Jibowu Reviews

First off, it’s risky. You don’t have much control over who stays on the unit you’re subletting. All it takes is one Wreck-it-Ralph personified guest for you to incur significant losses. Not getting any [guest] is a problem as well ‘cause operating cost doesn’t stop piling up even if the rental property is vacant.

In addition, setting it up is difficult right from the get-go. Legal restrictions aside, it’s hard to find landlords that’ll allow rental arbitrage. It’s either they do it themselves, or they don’t. None of these Airbnb gurus would convince me otherwise.

Finally, the said biz poses an ethical issue. There are arguments about STR being one of the factors that jacked up the housing prices. Like, more STRs means less supply and affordability of long term rentals (LTRs). Personally, I won’t be thrilled on the prospect of disrupting neighborhoods to make money. How about ya?

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