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DoubleStack Review (Lee Blue)

Lee Blue

Lee Blue founded the DoubleStack program to enable highly skilled web developers to be paid what their skills are truly worth instead of lowering their asking price just to compete to those with less skills but can afford to charge ridiculously low rates. According to Lee, his program provides a win-win solution for both developers and business owners since it guarantees impactful websites that provides a long-term recurring revenue for developers and achieve results that enable business owners reach their target customers effectively. Learn more about Lee’s DoubleStack program by reading the review below.

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DoubleStack is an 8-week mentoring program that discusses topics on building a six-figure business as a web designer and/or WordPress consultants by consistently landing ideal clients that pay well and is willing to work with you long-term. From its name, the program mentions how you must possess mastery over the two stacks of web development and implement both at once on your projects. Basically, the marketing stack is needed to be able to show your clients how effective your marketing tools and online presence will be while the tech stack will enable you to implement the plan and build an actual website. “The web designers who are running their own six-figure businesses have shifted the emphasis off of their technical skill sets and onto the results they deliver,” an excerpt on the program’s site that emphasizes the importance of marketing stack to complement your technical expertise. The program was founded by Lee Blue, a business coach for web developers and founder of a web design agency named reality66.

The program will focus on three main points. First is helping you with the marketing stack in web development. To do this, Lee will discuss how to build sales funnels, set up email autoresponders, run drip campaigns, and build landing pages with high conversion rate. Next point is choosing your target market so you can define your niche, identify the type of clients you want to work with, and how much will you charge. Lastly, the point on lead generation will be accommodated by discussion of at least three ways to drive traffic and generate leads without buying ads and cold marketing.

To deliver the three main points mentioned, the program will provide an access to a library of training videos, membership to a private DoubleStacks Facebook group with likeminded individuals, and the 8-week mentorship and coaching. The said coaching is composed of weekly group calls every Thursday and direct access to Lee via email.

Unfortunately, the pricing of the program is locked behind a “clarity” call that requires you to schedule a 45-minute phone conversation with Lee. From my research, I found a review from a previous student named Vik Karanovich which indicates a $3,000 starting price for the program. To be fair, it is cheaper than what Joshua T Osborne and Ippei Kanehara charge for their lead generation courses but it is still quite steep for a program with a very short mentorship duration.

DoubleStack Review

Speaking of Vik’s review, he also mentions that the program is not recommended for people like him with hectic schedule. He mentioned how you need to be proactive in reaching out to Lee via email to fully utilize the program. He was also not able to attend most of the weekly calls due to time zone difference and being busy with his current job. Ultimately, Vik asserts that the program is not for most people, and it would be better to just hire Lee as a personal consultant for $100 per hour rather than enroll on his program.

Additionally, lead generation is a viable business but Lee’s way to profit off that is not for someone who only wants a side hustle. In fact, it is very similar to a 9-5 job since you are still working for 8 hours a day. To add, you are expected to have the necessary tech skills for website development like copywriting, website building (html/CSS), content writing, and email marketing which requires too much time and effort to learn and master.

In conclusion, Lee Blue’s DoubleStack is not a scam. If you are an experienced web developer and/or WordPress consultant who can clear your schedule to focus on an 8-week mentorship, then the positively- reviewed program can help you improve your marketing strategies to land ideal clients and be able to still gain a recurring revenue after you launch their website. However, I do not recommend the program for those without any experience in website development and those who are only looking for a side hustle.

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