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Reviewing Douglas James Training (Douglas James Marketing)

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Douglas James is more popularly known as the High Ticket Guy due to his numerous accomplishments in landing high-ticket clients during his career as an entrepreneur. Before he became the high-profile digital entrepreneur that he is today, he was once a Navy Corpsman, and he was onboard the USNS Mercy once. They’re known for providing some healthcare assistance in several impoverished countries like Fiji, Guam, and even the Philippines. This is significant for him because, according to him, his experience in humanitarian aid has inspired him to “use his life to elevate people and guide them towards success.” And this is what led him to develop his Douglas James Marketing course.

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Douglas James starts his ad by showing off stacks of hundred-dollar telling bills. “I wanna show you how to make $35,000 a month (or more) every single month. In the last 30 days, we actually did over $200,000 doing this one skill that I’m gonna tell you about, okay? And it’s not affiliate marketing and it’s not dropshipping, it’s not launches, it’s not Amazon FBA, it’s none of that stuff. It’s a simple, high-demand skill that people actually need where you can do it from anywhere in the world just using your laptop. I’ve been doing this one thing for six years consistently.”

“I used to be in the military. And I started doing this one thing every single day; and I’ve been able to make this type of money that I showed you on the screen, and I was able to make this in my first 90 days,” Douglas says as he continues to show off his money on the screen. He then shows his supposed students who are earning anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 per month, thanks to his teachings. Though we can’t really be sure if the people being shown are actual students of Douglas James, or random actors/actresses whom they just hired to appear in the video, doing what is needed for them.

But anyways, Douglas James then caps off the video with this statement. “If you wanna be one of these lucky people, I wanna invite you to an exclusive training that I’m holding where I’m gonna show ya how to make this type of money online, and show you the exact skillsets that you need in this high-demand market right now, [that’s] working today…” He then mentions a few of his accolades, such as being featured on n sites like CBS, FOX, ABC, Entrepreneur, and Yahoo Finance. Then closes the video by inviting you to click on the link, and register to his training.

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Douglas James Marketing is actually a variety of online courses that focuses on different online marketing subjects. But all of them have one goal in mind: To help users succeed with their efforts in online marketing. Some of the things that these courses teach revolve around the effective use of Facebook Ads, ClickFunnels, and SEO. They do so because these are the platforms that most, if not all, “high-ticket” offers always use. Finally, you can also apply to join some seminars where Douglas James himself will teach even more digital marketing techniques, and attract more clients.

To access all of the courses inside the Douglas James Marketing program, you need to pay a one-time fee of $3,000 dollars. Some say that they paid $8,000 for this program instead, but I can’t really confirm it Though one of the courses offered here is free, it’s not as comprehensive, and only serves as an upsell to convince you to register full-time for this program. Douglas James even addresses those who believed that he is a scammer through one of his videos. So I think we can at least assure that he’s definitely not a scammer. Still, it may not be worth it in paying that much for this online program.

Because once you’re inside the course, you’ll find that it’s nothing special at all. Most of the training that they’re doing here, aren’t really anything new. In fact, a few of the lessons about marketing that you’ll learn here, you can learn elsewhere in other, much cheaper courses (some of them are even free). Also, the use of Facebook ads and Clickfunnels makes this business even more expensive. Sure, they’re effective, but as these ads are getting even more expensive each time, it may not be worth it in the long run, and your profits may not be able to cover it. Not to mention those reports of account bans.

There is no question that Douglas James’ methods are effective, and that there’s no questioning his accomplishments and net worth. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone can emulate his success using his methods, as explained by him. This is why all online moneymaking courses have the disclaimer of “Results may vary.” written somewhere on their websites. This is in direct contrast to his video ads, which are immensely misleading. Though the big irony here is that he says you don’t need affiliate marketing to earn money using this system, when it’s very clear that these methods all lean to being an affiliate marketer.

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