Drone Launch Academy Review (David Young)

David Young

Drone Launch Academy started out simple. In its earlier version, its sole purpose is to help remote pilot wannabes pass the FAA’s Part 107 exam and have a license to use the drone commercially. That’s about it in the past. However, its founder David Young realized that most remote pilots who want to make a living out of flying drones are too naive for their own good. Not knowing sh*t on what? Scroll down to find out.

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Well, he’s talking about not knowing what is enough for getting drone jobs. A license to fly is definitely NOT enough. You could be the best at doing drone stuff, like real estate photography for example, but people won’t pay a single dime if you can’t SHOW that you are. “While the opportunities are definitely there, it takes more than having your Part 107 license to have a successful drone business,” David adds.

It’s like any other industry. The license and drone skills are just a prerequisite to get into the drone industry, but it’s not the primary factor in determining your success in it. Sharing the analogy written by David in the site, knowing the ins and outs of pipe and drains doesn’t automatically make you a profitable plumber. 

In fact, David mentions that some of the 100k plus licensed remote pilots aren’t making money with flying drones at all. Then, there are those who are trying to make some. However, they just can’t land clients because they don’t know how to market themselves, and so they end up giving up. The latter option is not ideal because you’re just throwing away all the investments you’ve already made for nothing. And yes, Rick Astley would never!

You know what’s better than giving up, at least according to David? It’s taking Drone Launch Academy’s Drone Business Mastery instead. For starters, Drone Business Mastery is a comprehensive program that’ll help drone enthusiasts also become winning drone entrepreneurs. Fun fact, it was formerly called Drone to $1k , but was renamed aptly after they saw their students earn way more than $1k.

This flagship “make money” course of Drone Launch Academy is divided into five sections. The first section named Drone Business Foundations includes lessons on mindset, choosing your niche, and how to efficiently allocate your resources in starting your biz. Next section is Powerful Online Presence which talks about the how-tos of marketing your biz for it to be “findable”. Choosing a name and logo; creating social media accounts and Google My Business account; learning the fundamentals of SEO; building a website for your biz; and building your portfolio. That kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, the third section in Drone Business Back Office talks about the behind the scenes aspects of your biz. Here, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to set up LLCs, how to bookkeep, how to do taxes, and how to avail insurance for your drones. On the other hand, the fourth section named Landing Dream Clients is all about what its name implies – how to get clients on real estate, content creation space, construction, and thermal inspection niche. Finally, the last section named Digital Marketing & Paid Advertising for Drone Businesses is simply about setting up Google ads.

Drone Launch Academy Review

Aside from video modules, signing up for Drone Launch Academy’s flagship will also let you give you access to a private Facebook group, pre-designed ad campaigns, and outreach templates. The price of this course at Drone Launch Academy? Well, this flagship course of Drone Launch Academy costs $1,595.

In summary, Drone Launch Academy is definitely on the expensive side of “make money” courses, but it could be useful for someone with drones already and want to make a living out of it, but without a smidge of knowledge about marketing. In any case that you know about the general how-tos of marketing already and only want the training on landing clients on a specific industry, you could instead opt for only paying Landing Dream Clients section at $499.

However, I’m not really inclined to suggest a drone biz if you’re just about to buy the actual drones. It’s not really a newbie friendly endeavor as it not only requires skills, but also lots of money upfront for the equipment, marketing, and ads. Most importantly, the income from the said biz is usually far from consistent and is highly dependent on your local area’s interest in contracting drones. Personally, I’m not willing to compromise and travel for hours to tap into other areas either. I’ll definitely just stick to online biz that I can do at home. How about you?

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