Drop Ship Lifestyle Review (Anton Kraly)

Anton Kraly

Drop Ship Lifestyle features a video of their students as a proof that they’re voted as number one eCommerce training program by Shopify. You might be expecting sales receipts or any kind of a sneak peek on their dropshipping operations here just like I am. But there’s none, not even an Anton Kraly sighting. Instead, we got some clips of beaches, bitches, and some more beaches. All the glamour stuff from their (paid) retreat in Bali, Indonesia and more. Scroll below for my review.

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There’s enough boats for everybody, the water is crystal clear, and there’s no sharks around. The only thing missing is some coconut juice sippin’, so I’ll review it 8 out of 10. Just kidding. But seriously, that’s not a good start considering what the video is up for – a proof for being Shopify’s number one eCommerce training program. You don’t get that recognition, if it’s true at all, by offering the best retreat among the dropshipping courses.

To me, it shows where their priorities are. And it’s on flexing the shiny things, a glimpse of results that are NOT typical, that could probably happen to you (again) if you got some successful dropshipping store running. Obviously, the odds of that happening is very low considering that you (whoever join Anton’s retreat) just drop twenty five f*cking K to get a vacation first instead of using it as biz money. To Anton, how about showing what really matters first, at least in this one specific video slash proof? Aaaand mic drop.

Alright, I gotta pick the mic back up as I’m not done reviewing Anton and his program. Maybe I went off too hard and too early, but the point still stands. Beaches have nothing to do with the quality of dropshipping training, period. Go show it somewhere else, I guess. You’re not a travel agency, for god’s sake. What I only care about is the strategy you’ll get here to succeed in a competitive as ever dropshipping space. About that….

Here’s two most important tidbits of Anton and Drop Ship Lifestyle strategy. First, choose a supplier in the US instead of China. The reasoning here is simple: buyers don’t like waiting for too long and so avoid countries like the latter with long delivery times. To me, this is a double-edged sword. Good that you’re not compromising the quality of your product. Not supporting the sweatshops or any kinds of unethical practices that may (or may not) be happening in China that made their prices so low is also good. However, taking Chinese suppliers out of the equation means tighter profit margins and harder supplier search.

Second is choosing a high-ticket product to sell instead of the cheap ones. This is something that costs around $200 or more. The reasoning behind this is something along the lines of “earning more while selling less.” That is, if you’re able to sell at all. For something catered to the dropshipping beginners, the advice is garbage level. There’s no single training on sourcing suppliers, not even the best ones, can teach a newbie to have a rep that’s usually enough for US suppliers of high-ticket products to trust ‘em. Nada. And if you ever got one, good luck selling their goods.

Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

And so my dislike for dropshipping as a business model is not helped by Anton’s piss poor strategy at all. Not to mention the fact that the chunk of Drop Ship Lifestyle sales is on the back of influencers like Johnny F.D.. Y’know, affiliate marketers who only earn checks from affiliate links, not on doing the dropshipping endeavor that they’re promoting. Not as bad as gurus like Anton cashing in from only selling a course, though. Yeaaah….

To add, what happens before you sign up – the pre-recorded webinars, the spammy emails, and the program not keeping up with the promise of sending some goodies after enduring a long-winded rah rah talk from Anton – just makes Drop Ship Lifestyle look even worse.

That being said, I’m not recommending the Drop Ship Lifestyle program. It’s garbo as expected and the ridiculous pricing is just the final nail in the coffin. Specifically, the basic package that contains 20-hour core training and access to a community forum costs $3,497. Adding the fluff bonuses are still not enough to justify the steep price. 

What I’ve mentioned above is just the basic package, mind you. There’s more. The Drop Ship Lifestyle Ultimate package that includes all the basic package contents plus a DFY Shopify store costs a whopping $9,997. On the other hand, the Unlimited Package that includes all of the Ultimate package contents plus the retreat that made me fume earlier costs $25,000. Hard pass.

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