Droperts Review (Branded Dropshipping Stores)

Branded Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping stores have been a thing for quite a while now, and so are gurus and programs claiming they can build one for ya. Droperts is one of the latter programs. Here, they promise to help new business owners start their dropshipping store. Not just your typical dropshipping store, but a branded one. Private label, perhaps? I’ll drop all the deets about Droperts in my review down below.

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First off, did y’all notice how I addressed Droperts? I didn’t name any gurus, didn’t name any lil sh*t who dropped out of high school and are trying their hardest to convince us to pursue this thang. Why, there’s no such thing like that here. Literally.

No fake guru, no problem? Not this time, I’m afraid. I’ll tell ya, y’all won’t want a program without anybody to be held accountable if things go south [spoiler alert: it will]. Seriously, they didn’t drop any names on who’s behind the program. It’s just their equally mysterious social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram,and their barely functional website.

Speaking of the latter, how can y’all trust these guys [or gals] to make you a “complete, branded, impeccably designed Shopify store” as they promised when they can’t do the same on their own website? Not being too nitpicky BTW, they really failed on accomplishing the bare minimum they mentioned first and foremost. Yes, you’ve read that right, their website is far from complete.

Besides lots of links and buttons not working as intended, Droperts’ website also has a lackluster design and a very uninspiring copy… Well, it could be subjective, but personally, I don’t think what they have is something I’ll call “impeccably designed”. Won’t expect any better on the store they’ll apparently build for ya.

Sure enough, the very few feedback on Droperts indicate that it’s no good at all. Worse, peeps mention that Droperts took their money for absolutely nothing… Not a sh*tty Shopify store similar to their website, but… nothing! Nada! It’s a complete scam, they say.

I’m not surprised at all as its price is too good to be true to begin with. $1,450 [cost of Droperts’ service] for a DFY branded dropshipping store where they’ll do all the work? If you’re in the know, you’ll see through that BS early because there’s no way the price is that low. Usually, the cost for this kind of DFY service starts at five figures.

Regardless, here’s what Droperts promise [that they won’t deliver, whoops]. They say that all you have to do is place an order [pay them] and they would handle the rest: Market research, website creation, brand kit and marketing materials creation, payment processor setup, all that stuff.

In just fifteen to twenty days, you’ll have your own Shopify dropshipping store built, managed, and run by them. But that’s not the end of it, you still have to give ‘em around $500 to $700 [the figure Droperts listed] for ads spend… Of course, they won’t really use it on ads. They’re just trying their damn hardest to steal more bucks from ya.

Forget about profit sharing because they’re only after your initial investment. I mean, what’s to share if there’s no store built at all? It’s just one of their many lies to trick you into thinking they’re legit. They’re not.

Droperts Review

Their testimonials are all BS too. Made a guy say that a purchase from Droperts is the best decision they’ve made this year for around five bucks… Yep, it’s one of those paid actors from Fiverr. They do need to pay because none of their actual clients [aka their victims] would praise their sh*t. Tough to get any love when peeps want to sue you instead.

Obviously, I won’t recommend Droperts. It’s a scam, and the few peeps who have unfortunately purchased their service are desperate for refunds that Droperts won’t bulge on giving. There’s a reason the same peeps I mentioned are suggesting a lawsuit against Droperts.

I won’t suggest dropshipping as a business model either. Not the best time to get a store, it’s too saturated, too competitive right now. It’s hella difficult to make it work, yet the profit margins when it does work is very low. The only positive here is its low barrier of entry, but then, there are other business models with the same pros, but flat out better compared to dropshipping. Thank you, next!

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