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The Top Model franchise is such an interesting reality competition series. There are reality competition series where you have to show off a talent like in the Got Talent franchise, The Voice or the Idol franchise. There are some where you have to show your culinary skills like in Iron Chef or the Great British Bake Off. All of these competition series, including Top Model, involve contestants having to show off their skills in front of the judges. But it’s definitely harder to join Top Model compared to those other shows. For the most part, you have reach a certain criteria in order to be eligible.

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That’s the thing about a modeling competition series. You have be a certain type in order to be in the running for the competition. As long as you’re a 5’7″ or taller, you could possibly qualify for the competition. There might be a weight requirement but it seems they’re more concerned about the height for the most part. Aside from the height requirement, you kind of have to exude a model look? Most of the people who get into the competition look fairly attractive and that they just give off the vibe that they’re models.

The Top Model franchise has made it all across the globe. That’s how it becomes a franchise. A production company or a television network because interested in a format and gets the rights to do a local version of it in their country. There have been about 51 different versions of the Top Model format across the world. That’s long countries and territories that did their own version of the format. Yes, I did include America’s Next Top Model in this because it still kind of counts.

One of the countries that did a local of version of Top Model was Australia. It makes sense that they would do it. There are a lot of models that hail from Australia. So doing a show like this just seems like the right decision. In one of the seasons of AusNTM, or cycles as its called in the franchise, a contestant by the name of Duckie Thot joined the competition. I haven’t really watched a lot of AusNTM so I’m kind of unaware of her cycle or any of the other cycles in the Australian version. I’ve somehow seen about four different cycles of ANTM though.

There isn’t really much to Duckie’s life that we could talk about. Duckie was born in Australia to South Sudanese parents. Her parents and the rest of her siblings left the country due to the war that was happening there. Her mother was actually pregnant with her when they migrated to Australia. A lot of her classmates and teachers weren’t really able to pronounce her birth name, Nyadak, correctly. That lead her to using the nickname Duckie. It happens a lot of times for people of color to accommodate the needs of other people so that they could fit in.

Duckie wasn’t really the first in her family to become a model. That goes to her sister Nikki Perkins. She was the one that introduced Duckie to the world of modelling. Because she hang out a lot during the photoshoots that her sister does, she decided to take a crack at joining AusNTM. The show seemed to be fairly popular in Australia since Duckie joined in cycle 8 of the series. She came in third place in that cycle.

Duckie seems to have noticed that models of color don’t seem to get that many opportunities in Australia, so she decided to move to New York to further her career. She managed to get multiple offers from different agencies before settling on New York Model Management. It wasn’t until Kanye West took notice of her that her career kind of skyrocketed. She got to make her runway debut during the Spring/Summer show for Kanye’s brand Yeezy in 2017.

Her career slowly went up after doing the runway for Yeezy. 2018 was a big year for her. She became an ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, she walked on the runway during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. And she also got to be the star of the annual Pirelli’s calendar in the same year. It’s no wonder that Duckie has a net worth of $12,000,000.

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