Real Estate Wealth Network Review

Real Estate Wealth Network

Learning how to fly a whole ass plane is no easy feat. Like, let’s be real, some of you bitches can’t even do parallel parking even if your life depended on it. It’s no surprise why Cameron Dunlap is a one proud dad when her daughter learned how to pilot one. Very, very proud since he’s an airplane enthusiast himself. But whole ‘nother thing he’s also proud of are the wins of his students on Real Estate Wealth Network. Review below.

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Back to those times when he’s still posting on his “personal” Insta, he always gave shout outs to his students who just got handsome profits. The latest [but not really] being Keith and Lenny who snagged an impressive $16k profit on a deal funded by Real Estate Wealth Network themselves. It’s their daily #MondayMotivation posting.

Oh, and to clarify, he’s not MIA from social media at all. He simply opted to use a separate business account since January ‘19. New year, new me is the vibes, I guess. And yes, the business account is still very active… Still continuing the tradition of Cameron on flexing client success stories.

So, maybe, while Cameron is trying to reinvent himself and his brand, old habits really do die hard. Or akshually, I’m splitting hairs and overanalyzing something as trivial as changing social media accounts. I bet it’s the latter, whoops!

‘Nyways, if you ask me how I would describe Real Estate Wealth Network, I’ll say that it’s an online educational platform for real estate investors. I mean, they’re very upfront about it, writing a very big “THE MOST TRUSTED LEADER IN REAL ESTATE TOOLS AND TRAINING” text on their homepage. No, I’m not shouting, they are. Kinda.

Cameron founded Real Estate Wealth Network with the guiding principle from his pops about how clients’ happiness make or break a business. Put them first and the profit will surely follow. That’s their philosophy, alright. “The customer always comes first. Period.”

That’s fine and all. What I don’t understand is the argument of practicing the said philosophy by having a client support team in US instead of overseas like the others. Lotta ways to showcase their dedication in putting their clients first, yet they pick that. It’s giving me the ick, y’all feel me?

Dude said it himself. He participated in “hundreds and hundreds” of deals, made a mil yet he’s still not done, yada yada. Maybe elaborate that, no?

He’d be telling us how he developed and perfected systems for a winning business yet not really showing us how. Like dude, stop being a weirdo and give us a rundown of your many courses and tools. Yet he didn’t.

But he really should. There’s too many of them. For the training alone, they got REssentials, Real Estate Wealth Summit, Private Lender Training, Where To Get The Money, How To Get Agents Working For You, Your Financial Calculator, Sell Fast— Make More, The Purchase & Sale Agreement Line-By-Line, Crushing The Competition With Vacant Houses, and Overcoming Seller Objections. Their other products and services not yet included BTW!

Oh, and the upsells, bet he also has those. To say I’m overwhelmed would be an understatement. I’m already not a fan of his business model in wholesaling. But this course-xplosion shenanigans of theirs is just killing my [and probably everyone’s] vibe for the business.

Real Estate Wealth Network Review (Cameron Dunlap)

Honestly, they’d be killing what’s already dead. Like I’ve said, I’m not a fan of the business model. Finding both motivated sellers and buyers nowadays is hard; Helping them meet halfway as a wholesaler is harder.

Too much uncertainty and lack of control here. You can’t rely on it for consistent income. A seller might back out in the last minute, a buyer may not qualify for financing options, the property might have unforeseen damages, and so on. The ways for transactions to go sour is unlimited. This is something I won’t recommend, especially to beginners.

I do understand if some of y’all still want to know more. I get it, the low cost of some of Real Estate Wealth Network offers like the Private Lender Training at $97 is enticing as well as the so-so “not the best, but decent enough” gurus aplenty. Be careful, though. You know what they say, curiosity kills the cat.

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