Investor Mel & Dave Review (Melanie & Dave Rupuis)

Melanie & Dave Dupuis

Melanie & Dave Dupuis, better known as Investor Mel and Dave, mentions that anyone can buy real estate properties without tapping in their savings or relying on joint-venture partners for money. The problem is not everyone knows how. It’s like a real estate secret, basically. But the investor couple apparently knows the secret, and uses it to purchase around 240 units in five different countries. They’re willing to reveal it all on their mentoring program  that I’ll review below.

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They say you have three choices if you want to get your hands in real estate. Options one and two are what I mentioned earlier, it’s waiting for years to invest your own money while you work a 9-5, or teaming up with a joint venture partner that’ll unfortunately split your profits. Then, there’s the third option that most people don’t even know exists.

The third option in question? It’s using OPM to invest right now. Obviously, they’re gonna tell ya that the third option is better.  Again, they don’t want to risk your personal savings nor to split your potential profits. Why, there’s apparently a way where you don’t need to. That’s the OPM way. Now, what the heck is OPM?

Technically speaking, OPM stands for other people’s money. In the real estate space, it refers to using financial leverage to buy properties. From Investor Mel & Dave’s ads, they mention how OPM and creative financing makes getting properties with zero down possible. How they use it to secure 95% of their properties, including the nice cottage where they spend time with their kids during the weekend.

Yup, they got lots of random excerpts in their ads and marketing copy, yet they fail to elaborate on how they’ll use OPM specifically. Not a single hint on how they structure their deals to make this zero down investment possible, nothing on their free training that’s actually just an extension of their marketing fluff. Basically, they bet on ya throwing the bag at ‘em regardless of the lack of info.

I think this is all part of the plan… the couple’s very, very slimy plan. They want you to believe that OPM is free money that’ll get you twelve properties in just a year just like ‘em, you just don’t know how to access it. I mean, first of all, if you’re paying ‘em to know how to get it, then it’s already not free money, no? Ironic, I know. And I mean, it is NOT really free money. The more appropriate description of OPM would be borrowed capital.

That’s right, other people’s money is still your money since you’ll have to pay for it eventually. Sort of a debt trap if you’re not sure on how you’ll use it. And it’s not as massive as the couple wants you to think it is. Twelve properties in one year using only OPM? If you’re in the know, you’ll know that it’s a load of horse sh*t.

Don’t even get me started with how they would help you to use OPM properly if you ever get your hands on it. They won’t. Literally. The audacity of their mentors to guarantee you’ll get at least one property within three months only for them to immediately ghost you once you hand ‘em out the mentorship fee. No joke, the mentor literally went NC for months when they’re supposed to be mentoring. Like what?

Investor Mel & Dave Review

To add, their selling point of not using any money upfront is not really true. Even excluding the price of Investor Mel & Dave’s course at $3,000 and the mentoring program (where they don’t really mentor you, pffft) at $6,000, you’re still gonna need your own money to start. Yup, still needs money to do the vendor take back mortgages they’ll suggest. But obviously, they won’t say that because they’ll lose their main appeal.

They do have another suggestion if all else fails, and that is… wait for it… borrow money from your friends and fam! Wow. I am lost for words. That’s an advice that’s worth nine grand in total apparently. Nine freakin’ k just to tell us that other people’s money is your friends and fam’s money. They are “other people” that’s not you after all.

In all seriousness, I’ll personally won’t suggest leeching off those people. That’s an easy way to turn any relationship sour, and you don’t want that to happen. Most importantly, I wouldn’t recommend Investor Mel & Dave for such pathetic advice. They just rely on buzzwords and heartstring tugging narratives to look legit when they’re really not. Seriously, they really know NOTHING about OPM, creative financing, or real estate in general. The only sh*t they know is the art of stealing your money by lying about other people’s money. I rest my case.

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