Digital Wealth Pros Review

Affiliate marketing has been thrown out a lot as a way that you can earn money with minimal effort. A lot of different websites will sell you a product or service of theirs that utilizes this kind of marketing tactic. Many different websites on the internet do use affiliate marketing in one form or another. I have seen a ton of articles on websites like BuzzFeed where they link products that they feature through a link that directs them to Amazon. That link is specifically tied to them so whenever somebody buys the product through the link that BuzzFeed provided, BuzzFeed gets a commission from those purchases.

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Digital Wealth Pros sort of works in that space. Or at least I assume that they do. As much as I try to research about this specific website, the information that I get is super vague. There’s really no information on who owns the website or when this whole thing started. Even a rudimentary WHOIS lookup didn’t really give me any clues as to who the domain is registered to. I try so hard to find information to work with, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to cooperate this time around.

When you go the Digital Wealth Pros website, you’re just welcomed with a log in prompt that will redirect you to the back office. Normally, multi-level marketing or network marketing schemes have back offices so that they keep track of people who buy the products they’re selling through a specific link that’s tied to them. It’s sort of similar to affiliate marketing regard. If you don’t have any log-in credentials for the Digital Wealth Pros website, there’s really no reason for you to be on this particular page.

It’s kind of weird that the thing that welcomes you is a log-in page. I guess that happens on some social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But at least on those websites, you can to different pages. You can at least browse elsewhere on the website and get something information out of it at least. Right off the bat, I’m really skeptical by the whole enterprise.

What I got from the numerous videos on YouTube that talks about Digital Wealth Pros is that you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars without actually doing much. Most of the videos that I have seen were from people who already have accounts on the website. They have been earning thousands of dollars at the time that they recorded those videos. Okay, so the money earning opportunity works. But I’m still so confused by it. How exactly do you earn money from this?

In order to get started with Digital Wealth Pros, you have to setup a call with one of their agents through a capture page provided by one of the members. Why you would need to set up a call? I don’t really know. In the sales pitch early in the capture page, they mention that Digital Wealth Pros provides call center agents that will help you get the sale. So this must be the sale they’re talking about? During the call, you have to mention the ID number for the sponsor that lead you to them. This really feels like we’re verging on a multi-level marketing scheme.

Once you’ve given the details they needed from you, they will e-mail you a link that will lead you to payment terminal. You have pay an admin fee worth $97 in order to start your journey as a member of Digital Wealth Pros. You also need to pay sponsor fees too for some reason. I guess since they’re the ones who helped get you to that page, they at least deserve something out of it. The thing about that is you have to pay at least $200 to your sponsor. It’s kind of weird that you’d have to pay that kind of amount outside of the admin fee. Depending on the tier that your sponsor is in, you’re going to pay a hefty price.

After paying whatever fees you have to pay, you get access to the back office dashboard. There you can see all of the things that you can use to start earning money. Even the videos I’ve seen showing off the back office doesn’t really satisfy my curiosity. What kind of products does Digital Wealth Pros help you sell? The capture pages you basically have to market doesn’t seem like they’re promoting anything other than Digital Wealth Pros.

Paying at least $300 for access to a website doesn’t really make sense to me, to be honest. The more I try to learn about Digital Wealth Pros, the more I get confused by it. There doesn’t really seem to be anything in the back office that they give you access to that makes it worth it. You will probably get your money back if somebody signs up using your sponsor ID number. But that’s basically it. There’s no actual products being sold other than referral commissions.

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