Cash Cow Dylan Review (Dylan Miller)

Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller claims that he knows how to succeed on YouTube without even showing your face. Wait, this sounds very familiar… Of course, it is! It’s like the promise of every YouTube automation “expert” ever. Riiiight. Now, his own twist in this rather cliche promise is using the term “Cash Cow” to describe the YouTube channels you’ll be creating. Because, y’know, he won’t call himself Cash Cow Dylan for no reason. Anyway, below is my review of his course. Read on.

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First of all, what’s a Cash Cow YouTube channel to be exact? Well, as the name of it implies, it’s a YouTube channel with the sole intent to make cash usually through various “top ten” types of videos. Top ten most dangerous waterslides, top ten scariest jobs in the world, top fifteen NFL plays of all time, you name it.

How will you automate it, then? According to Dylan, what you can do is download free stock footage related to your topic, put the clips together, and get a simple voiceover. I won’t be surprised if he’ll be suggesting those text-to-speech bots here. Something that’s frowned upon by many since it’s usually associated with low effort content.

After few optimizations, the video is all ready to be uploaded to your Cash Cow YouTube channel where it’ll get views and earn you adsense money. If you want to take the notch further, you can hire other people to make those videos for you. “This is what YouTube Automation is,” he concludes.

With that said, his course Tube Money Masterclass apparently covers everything you need to build a winning Cash Cow YouTube channel in the shortest possible time. “Everything from choosing the best high paying niche, setting up your channel for success, best video optimization and ranking practices, how to hire other people to make the videos for you, and everything else you need to Know on how to start and scale your YouTube empire,” he adds.

The audacity of him to say this when I can’t see his YouTube channel anywhere. He’s surely one of the worst YouTube Automation “experts”. That’s because unlike other “experts” who at least have business channels for sucking off their course to death, I see none for Dylan. For someone claiming to be a popular YouTuber/Instagram influencer, not seeing him pop up on Google searches is quite sus. Not one of ‘em (paid) articles  about him that he also mentions.

I see his Instagram, sure. Although I had to type his handle Cash Cow Dylan instead of his real name. The latter yields nothing but affiliate BS on ‘em searches. Now, he’s trying to make everyone believe that he has twenty of these so-called Cash Cow channels while only flexing ‘em YouTube play buttons. Something you can easily buy a replica online… Yup, that’s the “proof” he goes with instead of just sharing at least one of his channels.

Don’t tell me he just doesn’t want to get copied. For god’s sake, he’ll supposedly reveal all his secrets in his course! What’s one channel reveal out of his twenty when he can easily create another (as implied by his promises on the course). It’ll do good for his reps fosho, but he won’t do it. Why, he’s probably counting on suckers buying his course without the need to prove he’s the real deal himself. Suckers gonna suck  unfortunately… don’t be one of those, alright?

Cash Cow Dylan Review

That’s why I won’t recommend Cash Cow Dylan’s Tube Money Masterclass that cost $497. Sure, it’s not that pricey, but I’d rather stay away from someone who’s probably just faking it all, hiding behind biased affiliate videos and reviews to prop him up. Take it from me who’s in no way, shape, or form affiliated with him. I don’t think he’s even an actual YouTuber, let alone an “expert” on it.

Besides, I’d rather stay away from not just his course, but also from any YouTube Automation courses. More likely than not, they’re just full of BS. If their hacks are indeed effective, they’ll keep their big mouths shut and create as many channels as possible to take advantage of it before a YouTube update ruins it.

You might ask, “but J, one person can only do so much!” Well, these “experts” said it themselves that you can outsource the whole thang. If you can do it, why can’t they? There should be no excuse for ‘em to not make many Cash Cow channels being the “experts” and all. And you know what, they won’t do it because they likely only get their bag from selling courses. I said what I said.

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