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There are just so many different actors that I am not familiar with. I have talked about this numerous times in different posts. But I have trouble being able to recognize a certain actor in a movie or television show. Especially if I haven’t heard of them prior to writing posts like this one. With so many actors in so many different productions, how could you keep up with? I don’t think I would be able to watch every single movie and every single series and keep track of the people that I see on-screen.

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Whenever I recognize an actor in a different show or movie, my reaction is almost always “Huh. It’s that guy from a thing I just watched.” Regardless of their gender identity, I refer them as guy. It’s just easier for this bit. It also takes a while for me to remember where exactly I saw them prior to the thing that I am watching. They made an impression on me. But not so much that I know the remember exactly where I saw them from. It’s probably happened to a lot us. Not everybody is great at retaining information.

Looking at everything that W. Earl Brown has been, there are some titles that I am familiar with in his credits for television. Films? Not so much. There are some titles that I have heard of but haven’t really watched. One of his earlier television credits was for the sitcom Seinfeld. He apparently played a character named Al in the episode “The Stand-In”. Looking at the plot for the episode, I vaguely remember it now but I do not immediately recognized what his character looked like in the episode. But the episode’s premise is jogging my memory a bit.

While I was reading his Wikipedia page, I was amazed to know to that he had earned an master in fine arts from a drama school in Chicago. Theater is often the best place to learn how to act. A lot of actors have studied theater or drama when they were in college. For the most part, the skills you learn from drama school can be applied for any performance regardless of genre. After graduating, he did a bit of work in the theatre. The shift from theater to film and television just makes a lot of sense. But you’re also fighting for the same roles as other people who may or may not have gone to drama school.

One of the television credits that I immediately recognize is Documentary Now. I have to warn you that I going to be writing a lot about this particular show and episode. DocNow is a sketch comedy series that is based on different documentaries. The show was co-created by former Saturday Night Live stars Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers. The particular episode that W. Earl Brown was in is about a fictional band called The Blue Jean Committee. Fred and Bill played two members of the band.

They worked together at a meat packing factory in Chicago, I think. It’s very much based on those music documentaries that talk about the rise and fall of a certain artist or band. I think it might’ve been based on a documentary about the band The Eagles? W. Earl played a sound engineer that the Blue Jean Committee worked with named Mitch Dagonda. Looking at the photo I used up top, I definitely recognize him now in the episode. Gentle and Soft is definitely one of my favorite episodes from the first season of Documentary Now.

Besides Seinfeld and Documentary Now, W. Earl seems to be getting steady work as an actor. Some of his work on television span multiple episodes. At this point he has earned himself a net worth of $1,250,000. It’s definitely to make it in the industry. People are always looking for certain types of people to play certain types of people. Sometimes you get the gig. Sometimes you don’t. But you do have to keep on auditioning in order to get a role. That’s the struggle a lot of actors have in the industry. It’s very hard to get work because there aren’t enough productions being made.

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