Ecom Masters Club Review (Earnest Epps)

Earnest Epps

Earnest Epps shares how he’s thankful in getting a front seat in WebinarCon with Anik Singal, Igor Kheifets and the likes. Apparently, the founder and coach of Ecom Masters Club is still attending live training other than his own. Not that I’m surprised, really. Afterall, the conference claims to be “The #1 Mastermind Event for Webinar Marketers” and he’s definitely one of ‘em. Now, is the event able to do any good for his Ecom Masters Club? Find out below.

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My short answer to the question above is I don’t think so. For one, dude’s still rocking with false scarcity aka the tired “limited slots available” BS. We’ve already seen that before, he’s not fooling anyone. And if he does successfully fooled someone, that’s just a sh*tty, not-so-earnest thing to do.

I’d rather call him Earnestn’t as he’s consistent with his efforts to mislead. It’s not only on the number of available slots, but also on the price of his Ecom Masters Club. With the headline on his website, y’all would probably think that it only costs $1. In reality, it’s just the price of a one-month trial, and access to Ecom Masters Club actually costs $47 a month.

Not that he didn’t mention it at all, it’s just he hid the fact behind some obscure fine print. Trying to be sneaky and all, but that’s one sh*tty undercover. We see ya man, just cut it. And I mean, who charges for trial, anyway? To me, it looks like Earnest [Earnestn’t rather] just wants to hold our CC numbers hostage.

With that said, what’s the deal with Ecom Masters Club? Why would anyone consider buying it? Well, it’s “cheap” and it’s about e-commerce, dropshipping in particular. I may not be a fan of this business model, but others might like to have a slice of the e-com pie. It’s too late for that, I fear.

Don’t blame y’all if you’re still curious about it. Gurus like this dude love to hype dropshipping as the next big thang as if it’s not yet oversaturated. Maybe it’s a decent online biz back in the ‘10, but it’s definitely not the case now. There’s a reason these gurus are revealing their “turn-key secrets” and selling courses, that’s where the easy money is and not on doing the biz itself.

Regardless, here are some of the topics included in the fifty plus training of Ecom Masters Club: How to pick profitable products, how to secure deals with US brands and suppliers, how to optimize your site for better conversion, how to get business credit, and a lot more.

This is what the big dude calls micro training rather than a big ‘ol course. The difference is “it’s engineered and focused on one subject matter to make sure you can execute on that”. That’s what he says about it. Personally, I would call this anything but focused. Seriously, it’s all over the place.

Besides the core training, the other inclusions of Ecom Masters Club are as follows: Weekly live accountability and “Google text ads” call, access to past weekly live calls (recorded), access to a private Facebook community group, monthly coaching call, and various templates, worksheets, and scripts.

Ecom Masters Club Review

It seems like a whole lot when you list it like that. But I say, look beyond the numbers. Doesn’t matter if it’s many if the discussion is as shallow as a pan. Surface-level knowledge rather than in-depth training. Not any different to free YouTube tutorials besides the Earnest’s VAs calls, er, coaching calls (means it’s not usually Earnest who’s manning the lines).

If it wasn’t quite obvious, I wouldn’t be recommending Ecom Masters Club. I already said it above, but for good measure, I’ll say it again: The main reason why this program won’t be getting any love from me is that I’m not a fan of dude’s slimy antics nor the business model. Dropshipping? More like deadshipping.

Not liking how the dude structured his core training either. The“micro training” concept to ensure great execution is good, but he unironically messed up the execution of it himself with random ass topics in his course. And Imma be honest, seeing how he also botched the audio in his intro makes me wanna dip out early. Still spent a lotta hours researching this thoroughly anyway, and ended up with the same conclusion. Oh well.

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