EarnFlo Review (Automated Amazon Ecom Store)

Automated Amazon Ecom Store

EarnFlo welcomes you to their website with a video that asks this question first and foremost: Is it really possible to earn $3k-$9k a month passive income with an automated Amazon Ecom store?  Jonathan Maxim, head researcher of Earnflo, says right away that, yup, it IS possible. Showing his Amazon seller dashboard and all that. Although I should say that doesn’t really mean anything because it’s just sales. Guess we have to tune in to what he says further.

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It’s possible with EarnFlo’s help, says Jonathan, since he himself  has three winning Amazon stores currently. One does around $3k  a month in sales, the other $6k, $7k, while the third one, the top performer of the bunch, does around $40k. Again, he’s talking about sales when what actually matters is the profit, the take home money every month. He didn’t mention the latter at all.

Instead, he just mentions who he is in an attempt to build credibility. He goes like he’s the head of this, the VP of that. Fancy schmancy labels associating himself with Tiktok and UMG when in reality, he really didn’t work directly under them. It’s his previous company in K and J Growth Hackers doing acquisition marketing services for those.  Trying to juke us and sh*t, I’ll say not on my watch, foo.

But hey, he really has experience with marketing and e-commerce. He was the managing director of the company I mentioned earlier for almost six years; the current CEO of Heypal, a social language learning app; and business writer (aka freelance contributor) of Forbes and Entrepreneur. An already impressive résumé which is why I don’t see any good reason for him to mislead us. He still did anyway. Muppet.

That’s the deal with the dude behind Earnflo, but what about EarnFlo itself? From what I gathered, it’s a new brand started for teaching people modern investment opportunities and getting rid of the archaic, old school ‘kinda clunky and dusty’ way of investing. When they say modern, they’re talking about  automating e-commerce stores and the likes. Out with the old, in with the new type of beat.

EarnFlo will do these three things for ya. One, their team will build a DFY store on either Amazon, Meta (Facebook) Marketplace, Ebay, Walmart, and oddly enough, YouTube. 95% of the work is handled by them while the remaining 5% is on you. This involves you opening an LLC, getting a dedicated bank account, and setting up a wholesaler account. Once you’re done with that and the store is up and running, it’s their turn to work.

The rest of their work? Well, they’re the ones to list your products, fulfill orders, and handle your store’s customer support needs like dealing with refunds. “The team runs everything from A to Z” as EarnFlo puts it. I beg to disagree since it’s not A to Z when they exclude the much needed M here which is money. Not a single dime from them, it’s all on ya. Alright, then.

Two, they’ll provide you real-time data on a regular basis once your store is launched. Forget about your significant other’s good morning texts when EarnFlo can do the same. Instead of that, you’ll be greeted with a summary of your store’s daily performance, which products are moving, and all that. Besides that, they’ll also send biweekly reports on revenue and profit.

EarnFlo Review

Three, they’ll provide you with personalized one-on-one support. If you have problems or any questions you might wanna ask, their Support and Marketplace team is ready to answer. According to them, their experts will help you with “whatever you need, whenever you need it.”

EarnFlo didn’t mention any price on their website to get these three. Based on the case study they posted, however, EarnFlo cost more than $30k. Not to mention the percent cut on your store’s which is likely around 30%. The figure is expected for a DFY store, I’d tell you that, but that doesn’t mean that you should pay for it right away.

What I mean is it’s just not-so-wise to invest your money here. It’s risky because one, there’s no social proof outside their site to prove that they’re the real deal. Where’s this “100+ five star reviews” y’all talking about because I see none. Two, them doing everything e-commerce, even the barely related YouTube automation, is just a red flag. Can’t imply you’re a jack of all trades when you’re just the new kid on the block. And of course, the business model itself that they suggest entails a lot of risks. That said, I’m not recommending EarnFlo.

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