eBusiness Institute Review (Matt, Liz Raad)

Matt, Liz Raad

Matt and Liz Raad are the lovebirds behind eBusiness Institute. They go beyond the usual wedding vows as they’re also inseparable when it comes to the said biz. Like, you can always count on them being together on PR stuff. As if the statement “til death do us part” also applies on business matters… I mean, it could apply, sure, but it’s definitely not a requirement. Take that, you clingy bitches. Kidding aside, let’s review the couple’s program, shall we?

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First thing first, lemme give a quick overview on eBusiness Institute. Founded in 2017, eBusiness Institute was described as a private training organization that provides various digital courses. Very vague, I know, and we’re just getting started. They follow it up by saying that they specialize in digital skills that are “designed to make money online”. Like c’mon, what digital skills to be exact?

They could’ve done a better job with their copy, that’s for sure. They might be going for some consistency, but it shouldn’t be THAT kind where they’re just confusing the hell out of everyone. Or maybe, I should’ve read the text that follows the very first headline of the homepage because, well, it’s a much clearer description of the biz… Bit of an oopsie skipping that on my part, but hey, a call for improvement on everything else that confused me won’t hurt.

So, yeah, without further ado, I’ll spill the clearer description I mentioned above which indicates what you’ll learn with eBusiness Institute: How to buy, build, and renovate websites for the kaching. Reminds me of Jaryd Klause’s program that I reviewed recently. Similar, but this one by Matt and Liz got more flex with the build and renovate bit. Both, however, also suggest a strategy similar to flipping in real estate, but in digital form.

Meanwhile, the digital skills you’ll get here, touted as highly valued and compensated, are divided into three categories: Website skills, website strategy, and earn online strategies. Website skills include training on website design and UX, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Conversion Optimization (CRO).

Next is website strategy that is made to get across a training that’s necessary to all the how-to’s mentioned. Here, you’ll learn creating passive website assets, building content websites, and building websites for small businesses. Build, build, and build, ‘nuff said. Also, the promise of earning lotta money while you’re asleep.

Last but not the least is the “earn online strategies” bit which is simply what its name implies. Also, the training listed here is, again, another example of vagueness all over the place. To avoid confusion, I’ll call it myself as a generic training for starting, running, and automating an online biz. And oh, almost forgot to mention the training about “alternative” online businesses. Alternative, meaning, anything out of the usual online biz.

Besides the three categories I mentioned above, I can also see eBusiness Institute putting emphasis on personal development. Got this from the reviews they highlighted on their site which raves about the offers of eBusiness Institute being more than a technical training on digital stuff. Y’know reviews just like Evelyn’s where she claims that besides learning how to earn from websites, you’ll also learn “a great deal about yourself, how you live your life, and how you can improve how you live your life.”

eBusiness Institute Review

The price of offers under eBusiness Institute? Well, offers from eBusiness Institute can cost $497 (WebDev Accelerator course) up to around $3,000 (Digital Profits program). I don’t mind the free stuff, obviously and I’m not bothered with spending half a thousand dollars on a course either if it needs be. But the stuff that cost three f*cking K? No way.

The steep cost for what it seems like eBusiness Institute’s core training is enough reason for me not to recommend the Institute. Not a lot of social proof outside Matt and Liz’ control to actually prove its worth. Not to mention the steep capital requirement to get started with the notable suggestion of buying a website. Also, the way they mystified their copy is not doing ‘em any favors too.

Finally, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’d rather skip a program that probably got too much of the mindset conditioning stuff. I don’t deny the importance of having the right mindset, alright. It’s just anything done in excess is obviously not ideal. Just like not wanting any of ‘em mystery stuff on their copy, I would also NOT like lotta mind wanking stuff on my training. It’s supposedly a technical course, c’mon now.

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