The Ecom Good Life Review (Mikey Kass)

Mikey Kass

Mikey Kass, founder of The Ecom Good Life program, has a YouTube channel flaunting sports cars and fancy houses – basically showing the young millionaire type of life.  Self-proclaimed high school dropout turned dropshipping guru, he claims that he was able to get rich from his Shopify stores that earns at least $200k a month each. By joining his program, Mikey promises that you will be able to have the same income as him. “This is your gateway to a $10,000 a day business,” Mikey argues. Sounds sketchy and too good to be true? Read this The Ecom Good Life review to know what is up.

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The Ecom Good Life is an E-Commerce program that provides dropshipping lectures and pre-built Done-For-You (DFY) Shopify stores. It was founded by Mikey Kass who believes that copying the strategies he employed on his allegedly successful dropshipping ventures is the best way to get a steady income of at least 10 grand a month. As written on the program’s site, ”once you implement these Shopify and life strategies that I (Mikey) will teach, you will be living a life of prosperity, wealth, and abundance.”

The pitch of the program starts with Mikey offering 8 limited pre-built Shopify stores that closely resembles one of his $150k per month store that is proven to have a high converting design and correct psychological biases. It has 8-32 ready to go product, customized banners, and at least 10 apps that drives conversion. Such stores were sold around $1,000-$5,000 before but he and his team are “taking the risk” and will happily provide you the store plus a free consultation with an E-Commerce expert for only $17. This cost does not make sense at all and is too good to be true since Shopify’s charge for a store (think of it as a rent) is at least $29 a month.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for (or sometimes not, actually). The reviews for the provided store are overwhelmingly critical. One verified dropshipping owner and content creator named Jordan Welch criticize the store for its bland layout and bad product selection that does not follow a specific niche. Aside from being very generic and unimpressive looking, some complains that the store is not functional at all (products included are either out of stock or just random pictures of an item without an actual supplier).

Worst, there are also complaints that they paid upfront but did not receive any store at all! The varying price (a lot were charged $46.99 instead of the advertised $17), their terrible refund policy, and the no-shows on calls that were supposedly bonus consultation are not good signs of a trustworthy program either.

The Ecom Good Life Review

If they ever call you back, it is not even an actual consultation but just a lame sales talk. It is a reminder of another red flag of the program that is the said pre-built store just being the front of a sales funnel. The team will aggressively market their training lectures at $497 that includes topics on product research, creation of Shopify, management of Facebook/Instagram Ads, and mindset training.

The lecture itself is mediocre in terms of content since it barely scratched the surface of dropshipping industry unlike other more comprehensive and reputable dropshipping courses. Same with the pre-built stores, the team asking price for the said lectures varies from time to time at $497-$1,500.

The final verdict will be firm here – do not pay any money for this program. The program is really sketchy and 99% just a get rich easy scheme. There is no proof to verify that Mikey is an actual seven-figure earner from owning profitable dropshipping stores, and it shows on his program full of red flags, crimson red even.

Besides, you can look for other programs with a more reputable creator that discusses E-Commerce and Dropshipping. You can also research about other business models since dropshipping is not for everyone. Dropshipping is a very saturated market that takes a lot of time and effort to scale, something a lot of people is not okay with. The lack of control with the quality of products might also discourage some who would like to take a more hands-on approach on their business.

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