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eCommerce, dropshipping, online stores – I’m sure you have heard a lot of these especially when the pandemic starts. It’s just another way for people to earn a stream of money during the hard times when physical stores closed one-by-one and jobs not fit for work-from-home setups ended their contracts. People cling to the e-commerce business but not everyone is successful because it’s not as easy as you think it is.

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Most of you who are reading this might already know what dropshipping is, but let me just explain for those who don’t. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where the owner doesn’t need to stock up their inventory. Most of the items that will be ordered will come from a third-party seller. So it is best to find a third-party seller, may it be a wholesaler or a manufacturer to gain a little incentive. It’s like buy-and-sell, but done digitally.

Ecom Agora is a company established by a guy named Tino, who’ll be doing the 1-on-1 coaching sessions but I don’t know who’s “Maxim” they’re talking about in the testimonials. If they’re together in the company or not, there’s no clear evidence. For now, it’s true that many companies and businesses stopped operating during the pandemic including the airlines, bus drivers, train operators so their primary goal is to help these people even with a low capital earn money for their families.

Even students nowadays are aware of the booming eCommerce industry. They’re taking their time to research and find a way to earn for themselves and make it less of a burden to their parents. Some mindful teenagers saved their minimal allowances before the pandemic and now they have at least a little capital to start an eCom store, thanks to Ecom Agora. Some reviews say that they even only have 180 bucks in their bank account, and now they’ve earned $1500 in a little over 2 weeks. 

“Business is not magic, it’s cause and effect”, a very beautiful phrase that you’ll come across on their website. Every decision or choice you make will have an effect on the outcome of whatever you’ve been doing, be it in school, business, family matters, it applies to anything. And Ecom Agora, they focus on simple actions that create big reactions. They really have a way of words to lure people into signing up on their program.

They have the EcomBundle course where they will teach you how to run facebook and youtube ads consistently and successfully. And Maxim will personally teach the 101 ecommerce mastery mentorship program. The program gives you all the tools and all the necessary equipment to help you boost your life and will take you to the next level of your business and your lifestyle just by implementing all the things that he will give you.

It is true that you need a lot of technical and computer skills if you want to enter the world of eCommerce, that is if you’re alone. That’s why companies like Ecom Agora exist, to help those people who don’t have much expertise in those fields but still want to build, dream and be successful in the eCommerce industry. But are they really helping? Or just juicing out money from your pockets?

If we’re talking about Maxim, as I dig deeper, I’ve found out that he is also involved in many more “make money” online courses in the past, and it’s not looking good. He has a history where he’s selling his course for a dollar but the customers were really paying $20-$200, and don’t get high hopes on getting a refund, it’s either he’ll show you a negative bank account balance or will not reply at all. A businessman with a really bad track record will just make everything worse, so stay away from these people. 

If online testimonials suffice, then I’d say that Ecom Agora have helped thousands of lives run their successful online stores. But we all know that we can’t take it all at face value. And I can say for sure that all of the posted testimonials on Ecom Agora’s website are all copy-pasted somewhere else. I still can’t connect who Tino is and why Maxim isn’t mentioned anywhere other than the testimonials, but if they’re in this together, then they’re both liars.

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