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The world of eCommerce has already been around during the late 90s and due to the rapid evolution of our technology, online processes became faster than dealing with it during the early stages. That’s why together with its evolution is the growth of technology-based businesses all around the world. And many of us, if not looking for a better way to capitalize this trend, seek help from those who have already adapted to it, and an example of a person who has already done it is Kirk Cooper.

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Ecom Automation Gurus, founded by Kirk Cooper is a dropshipping company that utilizes the Amazon FBA Automation to help people strive in the eCommerce industry. Kirk is a former teacher, and he didn’t leave the job because he hated teaching. In fact, he loves sharing his knowledge and playing even a small part in the development of well-rounded, successful human beings. That’s why in the company, he still teaches young and old entrepreneurs on what’s new that can apparently help them succeed in the eCommerce business.

You may be a newcomer or already an Amazon business owner, they’ll be more than willing to entertain each and everyone of you, let you have access to their services and will show you the ropes to fulfill your goals of owning an online store that makes sales day by day without wasting too much of your time. “We build automated Amazon stores” is what they basically do and everything that happens behind it is also handled by them.

Everyone is a slave to their 9-5 job, not gonna lie about that but EAG will free you of those shackles since they offer 100% done-for-you eCommerce business. They’ll give you access to a full-time staff that will answer any of your queries any time of the day and will ease your workload to give you the freedom that you need in order to build your business and escape the grind of daily tasks. 

They claim to have the best conversion strategies out there, meaning they have what it takes to convert your advertisement viewers into real customers that will officially buy a product in your respective amazon stores. And they’re adamant on claiming that they can scale up your store (older accounts even better) and watch it grow from $0 to $100K a month without lifting a finger. That’s basically impossible because even a click on a phone to pay for the upfront fee makes you lift a finger, so better change it.

Aside from paying them the upfront fee that will initially be the fuel of your upcoming online business, there’s nothing more that you’ll need to do other than waiting for the profits to come into your bank accounts. When they say that they’ll do it all, they mean it. From product research and listings, inventory management, order processing and returns (which really is a hassle if there’s any), order tracking and customer service.

They start your online Amazon store off with the retail arbitrage business model. This is by far the most successful way of scaling your startup amazon store before they will recognize you as a legitimate online seller. Once you’ve earned your stripe, Amazon will brand you an FBA badge and will give you more inventory spaces in their warehouses. You’ll be able to wholesale products and if everything goes well, you’ll be on your road to financial freedom.

As for the credibility of the company, I don’t see anything wrong with what I’m looking at right now. They have a well-organized website that states all of the necessary things that the public might want to know, not like others that are only full of testimonials and you’ll see “book a free call” everytime you scroll down, so annoying. The down part of this is that they’re not even listed on the BBB, which we can’t tell if they’re doing a great job or not.

Automation companies like this one usually require at least 30 grand as an upfront fee to start your own Amazon online stores which is really not that cheap. It may be all DFU but it will really take 2-3 months before you see the profit that you’ve been searching for. And let’s get real here, the market is already saturated as it is now, that’s why new applicants might get their ROI longer than they expect it to be.

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