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Ecom Bundle Reviews

If you’ve come across my Ecom Agora review during the past few days, I’ve mentioned something about a program they offer, which is Ecom Bundle that is handled by the guy named Maxim Trubitski. Maybe Maxim and Tino of Agora are just one person because it seems to be that Maxim has a habit of using different aliases, maybe because he wants to run from countless people, we don’t know. Why is he notorious for doing that? Find out more in my review below.

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Ecom Bundle is supposedly a program that can help business owners learn how to build a successful e-commerce store and live the American dream. It claims to have been designed by people who know the eCommerce world very well, and one of them is Maxim Trubitski. He’s a self-proclaimed successful internet marketer, business coach, best-selling author, a CEO of multimillion dollar tech companies, all while still being a teenager.

I’m not disregarding the fact that some teenagers nowadays know more than the adults since they’ve been born in the same age of the evolution of our technologies. They’re the ones who can cope with the fast growth of the industry. All is well and good but sad to say, all of those achievements are a lie. A great lie to entice people to buy his courses online and run away with your money.

They have four major services that they offer on their “scandalous” website. First is that they can be the one who will build your eCom store website for you. And second, they claim to have a way to make your business appear prominently on search engine result pages when people search for products that are connected to you and your store. They also do pay-per-click advertising or make them do facebook ads to create traffic.

“The only way to separate yourself from the masses is through self-education. If you’re going through the same exact education system as all of your friends, if you want to go to the same colleges as them, and if you’re pursuing the same career occupations as them, then who are you? You’re a sheep just like all of them.”, as Maxim spouted nonsense in one of his videos, seems to be a vlog in that matter. 

Well, I beg to differ. To begin with, if you have the same passion as your colleagues and friends, then why not be part of that environment. It’s a good start having established connections through your friends in the same industry which can eventually help you answer and have solutions to some of your questions in life if ever you made a really bad decision. They’re the first people you can run into and maybe they can give you some advice.

And in the first place, if you wanted people to separate themselves from the masses through self-education, why would they take your course as an option? They’ll just find solutions for themselves to help them strive in the eCommerce industry, not by paying for your courses which is what? A scam? A way to juice money from these clueless people’s pockets? There are a lot of free tutorials out there that can get you started in the world of eCommerce. 

He has done a lot of eCommerce related courses and one of the most trivial things that he has done is offering his course for a dollar. Yes, you can try it if it’s just a dollar, but in reality, it’s not. People who tried to avail of the course have their credit card deducted amounting from $20-$200 and they’re not even getting the full course. Don’t expect to have it all refunded since he will tell you that he has a negative bank account balance. CEO of multimillion dollar tech companies my ass dude.

So yeah, Maxim already has a record of running away and scamming people by means of offering courses that are either incomplete or do not exist at all. And what I mean by scandalous earlier are those embedded links on the footers of their website. I’m warning you to not click those footers, but if you’re still curious about them, then click them at your own risk. Just don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you about them, okay? You don’t need the cost of the program since you’re not paying for it. Stay away.

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