Ecom Capital Review (Fletcher Ladd)

The world of eCommerce has been on the rise ever since people all around the world have been creating and providing something different in the industry. These people are doing whatever it takes to become big in the eCommerce world and here are two lads whose names keep on popping in different eCommerce magazines and blogs, Fletcher Ladd and Sasha Karabut. What have they done to become the headline of some eCommerce-related blogs? Learn more on my review below.

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Fletcher Ladd is a given. He’s a technical genius who is a master in building, developing and investing in the eCommerce industry. Sasha Karabut on the other hand does not have any knowledge about it. He’s a master carpenter and came from a humble family background. Even with his alienated knowledge about business, he still started his first one, an automotive repair business, which in surprise scaled seven figures within 18 months. Maybe he has talent after all.

With this success, he started doing coaching and mentoring business and it also scaled up to seven figures. Imagine a person that started with scratch will mentor you on how to build and scale up your own business, isn’t that inspiring? That’s because of his “nothing to lose” mentally that he persevered and became the person that he is today. These two lads are the ones who are behind the Ecom Capital company.

Ecom Capital is the combination of these two young men’s skills and knowledge that led the team to be known internationally and soon globally. From these two lads to more than a hundred people working on-site who have experiences working with the likes of Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Nike, eBay, Shopify and many other prestigious companies in the world. It really is a world-class company that will be helping you thrive with your eCommerce business, that’s for sure.

They became one of the first fastest growing eCommerce companies in Australia that’s why they became the headlines of some biz-related publishers such as BigTimeDaily and Influencive. The company is a full-service, international leading eCommerce firm helping people start successfully in the eCommerce business and scale them up in their first 90 days. They became one of the leaders in helping investors add profitables stores in their portfolios. How did they do that?

They have developed a business model that will teach you, starting from all the basic information before starting an eCom biz up to the point where you’re making six figures monthly and seven figures annually. They’ve been transparent on that since one of their core values is transparency. From building, they’ll train, coach and guide clients to sales during the first 90 days of establishment of their eCom store and, eventually and hopefully, results will reflect all actions and hardwork.

Their primary goal is to set you on getting up to 10 grand a month, and apparently, their core services will help you get through that. Start your eCom store, but before that you should’ve picked the niche that you want to tackle. Grow, meaning you’ll learn the products on demand within that niche and they will find the target market that is able for your business to grow. And lastly, invest, where they help existing investors invest on existing eCom business to gain more cash flow and capital.

Most of their reviews in TrustPilot are positive especially when it comes to their customer support department. They will answer all the queries of people, guide them through step-by-step procedures, and they assure clients that they are really in good hands with Ecom Capital. Some bad reviews are always associated with low income generated and we all know that eCom biz is not a fast cash biz to begin with. Not just because you open up a new business will mean that it will be flooded with customers right away. 

Starting in an eCom industry requires being able to sustain and be consistent in your business. It will eventually be profitable if done the right way, and Ecom Capital claims and promises that they’ll do their part with utmost of their ability for you to succeed in the said industry. You can schedule a free call on their website to know more regarding the starting capital, but my hunch is that at least 30 grand is needed to start an eCom biz just like any other companies in the same industry out there.

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