Ecom Chief Review (Ani Nandi)

Since the pandemic, the wide spread advancement of technology all around the world made the increase of digitalization of business processes, hence the world of eCommerce boomed. But setting up online businesses isn’t as easy as you think it is especially for those who really don’t have the basic knowledge and practices in doing so. Ecom Chief has got you covered in that aspect and learn more about them in my review below.

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Ani Nandi is the man behind Ecom Chief, a company that offers ready-made online stores for you to buy and start your online business journey with. He’s a Business Administration graduate that’s why his love for businesses shows in what he’s doing now. The company offers turnkey businesses of more than 50 different niches. These are the stores that you will have the leisure to choose from and you’re ready to go. 

Video gaming, urban clothing, bluetooth speakers, watches, sunglasses, and even non-material things like self help affiliate, travel agency, “spiritual affiliate (i don’t really know what is this about and it’s weird) and many more can be bought, all ready-to-use stores from Ecom Chief. And just like any eCom business companies out there, their goal is for you to be able to ditch your 9-5 job and reach financial freedom by starting your own online store. 

The platform that they use is Shopify. Each store costs $199 and on their website, you’ll see their limited offer of “buy 2 for $299 and 3 for $399”. Well that’s not a bad deal, and even if you do buy multiple stores, they’re still the ones who’ll do all the work and you’ll only need to wait for money during payouts. They’ll transfer the business ownership directly to you including the domain name and other necessary documents.

You can set any profits that you like depending on your goals but their estimated profit margin comes between 200% to 300%. There are still ongoing expenses after you bought a store and it costs $29/month. It covers your basic Shopify account which includes website hosting, SSL certificate, access to eCommerce university, blogs, videos and tutorials online and Shopify’s 24/7 customer service via phone, email or live chat. 

Even if your preferred niche is not on the list, you can let them know by contacting them and tell them what you have in mind. They’ll be more than happy to assist you, but don’t expect it to be at the same price as their ready-made stores. It comes with extra expenses as they need to find a local supplier with your chosen niche and expect it to be transferred to you for between 2-4 weeks because they still need to create it from scratch. 

Ecom Chief also offers social media marketing packages. They have 3 in total – silver that costs $149, gold at $249 and platinum at $449. Each only differs with how many followers they can generate in a said package. They claim that each view is organic, by promoting high quality videos to entice people and these views will help you gain credibility. They’ll also be the ones handling your product promotion so you’ll just have to sit back, relax and enjoy life.

The team behind Ecom Chief has over a decade of experience in running profitable online businesses and has claimed to have helped hundreds of people, all with little to no experience create successful work-from-home businesses. They’re always on your side so that you wouldn’t feel alone. That’s their strength, their good if not the best customer service, which has been flooding the US-Reviews website, with an overall rating of 9.8/10. 

Ecom Chief has done all the hard work for you. They’ve already simplified otherwise complicated business processes. With you working with them, entrepreneurs are fully equipped with the marketing tools, resources and training they need to enter the eCommerce industry with confidence. Lifetime support by their team to ensure that you’re on the right track and continue to be successful in your eCommerce journey.

Even if you think that the products of your store lack something, it’s possible for you to add your own preferred products, categories and images in your store, but just be mindful that it must be covered in the same niche. So if you’re looking for a fully functional online business, allowing you to work at the comfort of your homes for a few hours a week, then maybe you can try working with Ecom Chief.

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