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Maintaining an e-commerce business can sometimes be a pain in the ass. Let’s say that you’ve achieved some level of success with your business. You’re earning some profit every month. The employees that you’ve hired are doing their jobs and getting paid fairly. And you’re thinking of add new items to your storefront. Sometimes you want to expand your product offerings and even your customer base. But with so much going in the day-to-day goings on of owning a business, you don’t really have the time to write the customized descriptions to your products. It was always nice to give the descriptions some personality, but the grind hasn’t really been great for creative stuff like that. So you decide to outsource all the content writing to somebody else.

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EcomContent is one such company that offers content writing services to e-commerce business that want them. Since their launch in 2008, they have gotten to help more than 2,000 online businesses with their services. There isn’t much to be known about the founders of the company outside of its establishment. The company is based in Amsterdam with most of their content writers being based in the United States and the United Kingdom. The company supposedly offers quality content writing for affordable prices.

I didn’t know about EcomContent prior to this review. Most of the content that I have written about e-commerce have been different training programs created by people who have found success through whatever method they use. It makes sense that having good content helps you get more traffic to your website. Thus getting more people to buy stuff from your business. Marketing your business and your products is a step you have to do in order to actually earn money from your business.

When you scroll down their website, you will see a lot of copy that explains what the company does, what type of services they provide and how much it costs. Under the first heading at the top, you can see that cost for their services starts at just $6 per 100 words. It’s great that some companies are upfront with how much their services cost. Sometimes, it takes a few clicks to get to the page that breaks down the pricing. It also makes that you’d want people to stay on website for longer. But sometimes people want to get the information as quickly as possbile.

There are five different content writing services that EcomContent provides, namely product descriptions, SEO content, translations, ad copy and content marketing. All five of these content services help your business in different degrees. The good thing about it is that you can choose what type of content you want from them. You don’t have to pay them constantly. It’s a per item basis. Though the cost for it will stack up when you choose a lot more. But that’s how it works.

All of the content that EcomContent’s writing team will provide to your business will play a role in selling your business and your products to prospective customers. Product descriptions help explain what the product is, what it’s made of and how it works. SEO content gives an edge to your business because the content will include relevant keywords that will help your business get a higher rank in the search results. The translation services only apply to nine languages, like English, French and Hindi. Ad copy helps promote your business if you decide to buy ad space online. Content marketing basically promotes the products through the form of listicles. Think of “Our Top 7 Tents For Your Next Camping Trip” and the like.

It’s often a struggle to think of new ways to talk about a thing that other people have talked about. That’s applicable to a lot of different situation, even when it’s just marketing your business. It takes a lot of time and effort to think of ways to entice people to go to your website just from typing down words. It has to have some personality that reflects what your business is. And it’s great that there are companies like EcomContent that will help write the content for you. The prices aren’t really that expensive for each of the services. I would like to point out that the content marketing services they provide costs at least $180 per month for a 2000-word article. You will spend a few hundred dollars to have somebody write for you. But that seems reasonable enough.

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